Dumb question about YUN's frame data

1.How many advantageous frames do you have after landing 123 Genei Jin on standing rival?
2.Same as the above but on a crouching rival.
3.The starting frames for YUN’s cr.strong, far.strong, cr.mk, far.fierce are respectively 3F, 3F, 3F, 6F. Are these datas correct?

I’m estimating he’s at +4/5 standing hit, +7/8 crouching hit. The numbers you listed for those moves are all correct.

  1. Ehh don’t care to do the math
  2. Should be plus 1 of what ever the answer is above
  3. No, http://ensabahnur.free.fr/BastonNew/index.php?id=3

you can link far fierce after activation, so it must be at least +6 on standing

maybe hes asking about gj normals, in which case those numbers seem to be right, but some of the data on esn’s site looks weird. gj c.lk being +13 on block sounds pretty extreme.

I was trying to do that when testing and couldn’t seem to do it, only when crouching. In that case that sounds right, he’d need to be around +6/7 on standing activation to have that combo. That frame data for Geneijin c.LK is correct, it’s +13 on block or hit. :#

Yep, I meant the Genei-Jin moves data.
You can even connect MK dragon kick on standing rival after 123 Genei-Jin, how does that work?

All of those start up in 6 frames while in Geneijin so if 6 frame start up s.HP will connect, that most likely will also.