Dudley's Overview and Analysis of his Moveset and its Attributes

If you would like something added to this thread, PM me, or post it in this thread. I may have left out important things that someone new to Dudley might want to know. Please do not hesitate to help make this thread as helpful to new players as possible.

Now, onto the Moveset:

Command Normals:

Slipping Jab: :r: + :lp:
Stomach Blow: :r: + :mp:
Kidney Blow: :r: + :mk:
Step Straight: :r: + :hp:
Dart Shot: :r: + :hk:

Target Combos:

1: :r: + :lp:, :mp:
2: cr.:lk:, :mk:
3: :r: + :hk:, :mk:
4: :lp:, :mp:, :mk:
5: :mp: or :r: + :mk:, :mk:, :hp:
**6: **cr.:lk:, :d: + :mp:, :d: + :hp:
7: :mk:, :hk:, :hp:
8: :lk:, :mk:, :mp:, :hp:


Jet Upper: :dp: + :p: EX
Machine Gun Blow: :hcf: + :p: EX
Cross Counter: :hcb: + :p: EX
**Short Swing Blow: **:hcb: + :k: EX
Duck: :hcf: + :k:
Duck, Ducking Straight: :hcf: + :k:, :p: Armor Breaking
Duck, Ducking Upper: :hcf: + :k:, :k:
Thunderbolt: Charge :d:, :u: + :k: EX
Victory Rose: :d: + :hp::hk:


Rocket Upper: :qcf::qcf: + :p:


Rolling Thunder: :qcf::qcf: + :3k:
Corkscrew Cross: :qcf::qcf: + :3p: Armor Breaking

Dudley Frame Data:


Eventhub’s Dudley Frame Data

[SPOILER=Standing Normals:]
Name[]Damage[]Stun[]Meter Gain[]Startup[]Active[]Recovery[]Adv. Block[]Adv. Hit

Stand Light Punch  	20 	50 	20 	3 	2 	6 	+3 	+6
Stand Medium Punch  	60 	100 	40 	4 	2 	9 	+3 	+6
Stand Hard Punch  	130 	200 	60 	6 	6 	16 	-4 	0
Stand Light Kick  	40 	50 	20 	5 	2 	10 	-1 	+2
Stand Medium Kick  	65 	100 	40 	6 	5 	10 	-1 	+2
Stand Hard Kick	 	80 	160 	60 	4 	3 	18 	-3 	+2         

Crouching Normals:


Name[]Damage[]Stun[]Meter Gain[]Startup[]Active[]Recovery[]Adv. Block[]Adv. Hit

Crouch Light Punch 	20 	50 	20 	3 	2 	7 	+2 	+5
Crouch Medium Punch 	60 	100 	40 	5 	2 	11 	-1 	+4
Crouch Hard Punch 	120 	200 	60 	8 	4 	15 	-1 	+4
Crouch Light Kick 	30 	50 	20 	4 	4 	6 	+1 	+4
Crouch Medium Kick 	70 	100 	40 	10 	3 	17 	-6 	-
Crouch Hard Kick 	100 	120 	60 	14 	4 	22 	-8 	-      

Jumping Normals:


Name[]Damage[]Stun[]Meter Gain[]Startup[]Active[]Recovery[]Adv. Block[]Adv. Hit

Jump Up Light Punch 	  	40 	50 	20 	4 	3 	- 	- 	-
Jump Up Medium Punch 	 	70 	100 	40 	5 	5 	- 	- 	-
Jump Up Hard Punch 	 	120 	200 	60 	8 	3 	- 	- 	-
Jump Up Light Kick 	 	40 	50 	20 	4 	10 	- 	- 	-
Jump Up Medium Kick 	 	60 	100 	40 	5 	8 	- 	- 	-
Jump Up Hard Kick 	 	90 	200 	60 	11 	5 	- 	- 	-
Jump Toward Light Punch 	40 	50 	20 	4 	5 	- 	- 	-
Jump Toward Medium Punch 	70 	100 	40 	5 	3 	- 	- 	-
Jump Toward Hard Punch 	 	120 	200 	60 	6 	4 	- 	- 	-
Jump Toward Light Kick 	 	40 	50 	20 	4 	16 	- 	- 	-
Jump Toward Medium Kick 	60 	100 	40 	5 	12 	- 	- 	-
Jump Toward Hard Kick 	 	110 	200 	60 	9 	10 	- 	- 	- 

Command Normals:


Name[]Damage[]Stun[]Meter Gain[]Startup[]Active[]Recovery[]Adv. Block[]Adv. Hit

Slipping Jab (F+LP) 	25 	50 	20 	5 	2 	1 	-2 	+2
Stomach Blow (F+MP) 	80 	100 	40 	9 	4 	10 	0 	+3
Kidney Blow (F+MK) 	100 	100 	40 	8 	2 	9 	+3 	+5
Step Straight (F+HP) 	130 	200 	60 	13 	7 	13 	-2 	+2
Dart Shot (F+HK) 	80 	100 	60 	15 	4 	15 	-1 	+4 

Target Combos:


Name[]Damage[]Stun[]Meter Gain[]Startup[]Active[]Recovery[]Adv. Block[]Adv. Hit

f.lp - mp 	  	30 	50 	40 	4 	2 	14 	-2 	+1
cr.lk - mk 	 	30 	50 	40 	4 	3 	13 	-2 	+1
f.hk - mk 	 	30 	50 	40 	4 	4 	13 	-3 	0
lp - mp 	 	30 	50 	40 	4 	2 	11 	+1 	+4
lp - mp - mk 	 	30 	50 	40 	4 	3 	13 	-2 	+1
mp or f.mk - mk 	30 	50 	40 	4 	3 	13 	-2 	+1
mp or f.mk - mk - hp 	40 	50 	60 	4 	3 	17 	-2 	+1
cr.lk - cr.mp 	 	30 	50 	40 	4 	2 	16 	-4 	+1
cr.lk - cr.mp - cr.hp 	40*47 	50*50 	50*70 	4 	1*3 	16 	-1 	+2
mk - hk 	 	40 	50 	60 	4 	3 	16 	+1 	+3
mk - hk - hp 	 	20*20 	50*50 	50*70 	4 	1*3 	16 	-1 	+2
lk - mk 	 	30 	50 	40 	4 	3 	13 	-2 	+1
lk - mk - mp 	 	30 	50 	40 	4 	2 	12 	+1 	+3
lk - mk - mp - hp 	20*20 	50*50 	50*88 	4 	1*3 	16 	-1 	+2 


A Note on Dudley’s Input regarding Half-Circle Motions:


Dudley is one of the few characters in ssf4 with half-circle :hcf: inputs. If you played sf4, you may be only be used to quarter-circle :qcf: or charge characters.

You may already know that :dp: + :p: and :df::df: + :p: yield the same dragon punch. This is the shortcut system in sf4 aiding players to make inputs easier. These shortcuts also exist for half-circle motions.

With half-circle motions, the shortcut system in sf4 and ssf4 allows you to :db::qcf: and :df::qcb: instead of :hcf: and :hcb: respectively. This is helpful for when you want to cancel a crouching normal into a special requiring half-circle inputs.

NOTE: This specific shortcut only works with half-circle forward :hcf: motions for Dudley. It will not work to shortcut Dudley’s half-circle back :hcb:. Strangely, it will work for Dhalsim’s :hcb: motions, but not Dudley

For example, if you wanted to cancel a crouching normal into a half-circle motion special without the shortcut system in ssf4, it would look like this:

[SPOILER=Cr.MP xx lp MGB with NO Shortcut]
:db:+:mp: :l::db::d::df::r:+:lp:

Training Mode Input:

You would need to start at :db:, go to :l:, then again to :db: and around for the half-circle motion:

In this example, the shortcut system is used to eliminate the need to :db::l::db:

Cr.MP xx lp MGB WITH Shortcut


:db:+:mp: :d::df::r:+:lp:

Training Mode Input:

You can even end :db::qcf: and :hcf: with :uf: as well as ending :df::qcb: and :hcb: with :ub: and pressing a button before you jump. This is useful due to some people having the problem of pressing a punch or kick too early in their half-circle motion.

Common input error of pressing punch/kick early


:hk::l::db::d::df: + :2p: :r:

Training Mode Input:

This is what it looks like in training mode when you press the punch or kick before you complete the full half-circle motion. in this example, the EX Machine Gun Blow would not have been cancelled into from the s.:hk:.

Because of this input error people have. People end their half-circle inputs with another 45 degrees of motion to make up for their early button presses.
:hcf::uf: + :p: and :hcb::ub: + :p: would be the inputs used for these people.

You can even use a combination of the aforementioned shortcuts and input leniency methods to do the half-circle specials.

Cr.MP xx lp MGB WITH Shortcut AND Input Leniency


:db:+:mp: :d::df::r::uf:+:lp:

Training Mode Input:

Most of all, it’s about finding what is most comfortable for you while in the heat of battle.
Good Gaming Chaps and Keep it Classy.


Note: If anyone has information regarding the properties of Dudley’s moveset, please post it in this thread. This information is not exhaustive. As new information comes to my attention, this will be updated.

**Damage Values, Frame data and more Specific Data pertaining to Dudley’s moves will be updated when it becomes available. **


LP, Jab = Light Punch :lp:
LK, Short = Light Kick :lk:
MP, Strong = Medium Punch :mp:
MK, Forward = Medium Kick :mk:
HP, Fierce Punch = Hard Punch :hp:
HK, Roundhouse = Hard Kick :hk:

cr., c. = Crouching
st., s. = Standing
cs. : Close Standing
fs. : Far Standing
j. = Jumping
nj. = Neutral Jumping

f. = Forward
b. = Back
u. = Up
d. = Down
uf. = Up-Forward
df. = Down-Forward
ub. = Up-Back
db. = Down-Back

SRK, DP = Shoryuken, Dragon Punch :dp:
QCF, QCB = Quarter-Circle Forward :qcf:, Quarter-Circle Back :qcb:
HCF, HCB = Half-Circle Forward :hcf:, Half-Circle Back :hcb:
AA = Anti-Air
FADC = Focus Attack Dash Cancel :mp:+:mk: xx dash
CH = Counter-Hit

xx = Cancel
~ = Link
/ = Designates multiple options that may be used in the specific situation proposed.

Normals and Command Normals Overview:


Notable Normals:
s.:lp: Good Quick Poke. Chainable. Cancellable.
[INDENT]Damage/Stun: 20/50
cr.:lp: Very good Poke. Fast startup. Large hitstun/blockstun. Linkable, Chainable, Special Cancellable. Good for hit-confirming
Damage/Stun: 20/50
cr.:lk: One of Dudley’s Best Meaties. It doesn’t have the range of cr.lp, but it hits low instead of mid which is integral for Dudley’s high/low wakeup Mixup.
Damage/Stun: 30/50
c.:mp: Good for Footsies, Good priority, and range. Special Cancellable
Damage/Stun: 60/100
s.:mk: Probably Dudley’s Best Anti-air. Faster than his cr.hp (the other AA Option).
Damage/Stun: 65/100
cr.:mk: Knocks down. It’s slow and punishable so use sparingly.
Damage/Stun: 70/100
s.:hk: Dudley’s Quintessential “Party-Starter.” Fast Startup and Special Cancellable, s.hk is your go-to poke for buffering specials during footsies. Also used in most of Dudley’s BnBs. Respect the s.hk.
Damage/Stun: 80/160
cr.:hk: sweep that puts opponent in juggle state. Slow startup. See Juggle Overview for more information regarding c.hk.
Damage/Stun: 100/120
cr.:hp: Good AA. Slower than s.mk, but if you’re already crouching and catch them early jumping in, it’s a good option.
Damage/Stun: 120/200
s.:hp: Great poke. Long range. Safe on block.
Damage/Stun: 130/200
j.:lp: Decent Air-to-air. If you hit close to the ground you can cross-under with Dash or Duck.
Damage/Stun: 40/50
j.:lk: Dudley’s Cross up. Good setup for crossup is f.mk ~ cr.lp xx cr.lp into j.lk. Works on most medium-sized characters.
Damage/Stun: 40/50
j.:mk: Good alternative Jump-in to j.hk. Has good air-to-air priority and comes out faster than the j.hk.
Damage/Stun: 60/100
j.:hp: Neutral version is Dudley’s best Air-to-air. Good jump-in but whiffs crouching characters. Large hitstun. Good for option-selecting EX MGB.
Damage/Stun: 120/200
j.:hk: Dudley’s best jump-in. Hits crouching characters and has good Horizontal Range. Good “jump-back” move to stop pressure. Crosses up on Hakan in the corner.
Damage/Stun: 110/200


Command Normals:
Slipping Jab: :r: + :lp:
Decent range but doesn’t move your forward. Long Quick Poke.
[INDENT]Damage/Stun: 25/50
Stomach Blow: :r: + :mp:
Good for kara-throw. Same animation as FA but doesn’t move you forward.
Damage/Stun: 80/100
Kidney Blow: :r: + :mk:
One of Dudley’s best normals; hands down. Moves Dudley forward and great hitstun/blockstun. Good meaty for throw mixups, Good for hit-confirming, Good for Pressure strings. Linkable into cr.lp, s.hk, and Super. Not Cancellable as it was in 3s, but still amazing. Since it isn’t cancellable, it is used in many of Dudley’s Option Selects.
Damage/Stun: 100/100
Step Straight: :r: + :hp:
Really Long poke. Moves Dudley forward pretty far for a command normal (~1 Square in Training Mode). Decent for max-range zoning, but it’s startup is slow.
Damage/Stun: 130/200
Dart Shot: :r: + :hk:
Another “Party-Starter.” Best Overhead in SSF4; No Contest. Can Link cr.lp, s.hk, Super. Good for mixups on wakeup and during pressure to start big combos.
Damage/Stun: 80/100

Focus Attack Overview:


Dudley has a great Focus Attack. It is fast, Long range, and good hitbox. It moves Dudley Forward a bit, so be aware that it can put you on the wrong side of situations. More info as it becomes aware.

LVL1 + dash forward: -3 on block
LVL2 + dash forward: +3 on block

Target Combo Overview:


1: :r: + :lp:, :mp: Special Cancellable
Damage/Stun: 55/100
2: cr.:lk:, :mk: Force-Stands and Special Cancellable
Damage/Stun: 60/100
3: :r: + :hk:, :mk: Good safe on block combo from overhead. Obsolete once you learn to link from overhead.
Damage/Stun: 110/150
4: :lp:, :mp:, :mk: Special Cancellable but first hit can whiff on crouching opponents.
Damage/Stun: 74/140
5: :mp: / :r: + :mk:, :mk:, :hp: Best if started from f.mk. Good target combo simply because it can begin from f.mk and Super Cancellable
Damage/Stun: :mp: Starter: 122/190 :r: + :mk: Starter: 162/190
**6: **cr.:lk:, :d: + :mp:, :d: + :hp: Fast Target combo that’s good to use in conjunction with crouching tech. Force-Stands.
Damage/Stun: 130/180
7: :mk:, :hk:, :hp: Last hit is focus-able and Super Cancellable.
Damage/Stun: 137/230
8: :lk:, :mk:, :mp:, :hp: 3rd, 4th, and 5th hit are Super Cancellable.
Damage/Stun: 122/210

Specials Overview:


**Jet Upper: **
Dudley’s version of the shoryuken. The jab version can be used on a grounded opponent and followed up by a fierce Jet Upper, EX Jet Upper, or Ultra II without FADC. Dudley’s Jet Upper can be FADC’d for followups. Jab Jet Upper ~ Fierce Jet Upper is character specific. Only EX Version has Invincibility. So, not as good as other Character’s SRKs for reversals on wakeup. Also, slower startup than other srk.
LP: 120/150 MP: 140/170 HP: 160/200 EX: 180/200

Machine Gun Blow:
Dudley’s combo-able special launcher with EX. The distance Machine Gun Blow travels across the screen is based on the strength of the punch. lp goes the shortest distance, fp the furthest, EX is trackable. lp also has the least hits and fp the most. EX MGB launches and you may followup without FADC. Jab MGB is safe on block, all others are punishable. EX MGB is useful in Option-Selects for punishing Teleports and MP MGB is useful to be buffered into from a cr.mp. See the Juggles section for more information regarding Dudley’s Followups after his launcher.
LP: 90/100 MP: 120/150 HP: 130/200 EX: 120/150
**Cross Counter: **
Dudley’s counter. It works differently than Gouken’s. Dudley takes damage and the screen goes dark. He rears back and lunges. Knocks down opponent and doing damage. Is not affected by Armor breaking moves as the damage you take with the counter is not regenerating as you would with an FADC or Gouken’s Counter. EX Cross Counter hits 3 times instead of 1. Sometimes Whiffs on Deep Cross-ups.
This Post has a short listing on what it works and doesn’t work on.

**Short Swing Blow: **
Dudley lunges backward followed quickly by a forward lunging punch. This is used to punish throw techs and slow normals. Not as good as 3s version. Can be hit out of backward lunge and forward lunge. EX SSB is 3 hits instead of 1. EX can be FADCed into Ultra II for its full animation (Higher Damage than Non-animated version).
LP: 120/200 MP: 140/200 HP: 160/200 EX: 150/200
**Duck: **
Dudley quickly ducks and lunges forward. Distance traveled dependent on strength of kick pressed. It is used to avoid fireballs and move quickly across the screen whist building EX meter. It has horizonal fireball invulnerability during startup and active frames. If you quickly Duck through a fireball you may followup during the opponent’s recovery frames to punish with something other than the Ducking Straight or Upper variants of the Duck. Useful for closing distances and cancelled into from normals.
Duck, Ducking Straight:
Dudley’s Duck Special followed quickly with a punch button. This is Dudley’s only Armor-Breaking move. When following the Duck with a punch, Dudley’s punch has longer range than the kick followup. When used as a Juggle Followup, it does not knock the enemy high into the air. It will leave the enemy low to the ground. Good use in juggles to land ultra midscreen. More information in Juggle Section as it is updated. Unsafe on block if not spaced properly. There is no EX version.
Duck, Ducking Upper:
Dudley’s Duck Special followed quickly with a kick button. Dudley uppercuts for two hits. Can be used to continue a Juggle. Does not launch grounded opponents but will put airbourne opponents into a juggle state. Can Launch people after FA if timed properly. More information in Juggle Section as it is updated. There is no EX version.
Dudley jumps into the air quickly and slams himself down fist first over the enemy. Able to be FADC’d. Non-EX versions are 2 hits and EX is 5. When you connect with all hits, it is an untechable knockdown. Doesn’t not always connect all hits. Not a go-to move by any means. Only useful to cross-up if opponent is unsuspecting. Super Cancellable
LP: 100/200 MP: 120/200 HP: 140/200 EX: 170/220
Victory Rose:
Dudley tosses a rose into the air which floats toward the opponent. See Rose Throw Section for a more detailed explanation of the move and it’s uses.

Juggle Overview:


Super and Ultra Overview and Setups:


Super: Rocket Upper :qcf::qcf: + :p:
Damage: 350
Very good Super. Similar looks to SA1 in 3s. Has strange cross-up properties when used during knockdown. Can be cancelled from many things. If you aren’t one to use EX Stock, This super is definitely worth saving for and using.
See This Thread for combos ending in super

Ultra 1: Rolling Thunder :qcf::qcf: + :3k:
Damage: LVL1: 345 LVL2: 500
Projectile invulnerable. Punishes poorly spaced projectiles. Punishes Teleports. Fast startup that can punish whiffed normals.
j.hk ~ Rolling Thunder.

Ultra 2: Corkscrew Cross :qcf::qcf: + :3p:
Damage: LVL1: 300 LVL2: 440
Non-Cinematic Damage: LVL1: 180 LVL2: 264
Powerful juggle combo finisher that may be Juggled into from many specials and c.hk. When linked from juggle, all except EX SSB xx FADC will give you a non-cinematic ultra. This is a 6-hit reduced damage form of the Ultra.
See This thread for Combos ending in ultra.
Also useful as AA to catch jumpers.

Special Thanks to: GGM, YellowS4, Richard Nguyen, and zeththedarkmage, East for their contributions

good lord i never realized how many special moves dudley has

Good work, has everything from 3S plus the thunderbolt.

Terrible thread name.


No one enjoys April Fool’s anymore…

Stomach and Kidney blow are gdlk. Shame Stomach Blow no longer slides though like in 3S.

April fools has nothing to do with it. This is a sticky, It could be here for years.

am i the only person that loved the thread name?

Is someone going to make a matchup thread when its released? or will it go in here?

I don’t mind making it, but i’ve already got two stickies in the dudley forum and i was hoping someone else would make it. This is definitely not where the matchup information will go.

i was only naming it that for April Fool’s Day. Apparently people flipped out about it.

it was a pretty stupid thread name though haha.

If anyone wanted a more…bombastic name for the thread, i’m open to ideas. As long as they keep it classy.

I say the title should be named “Dignity 101: Dudley’s Moves and Combos”

Some impressions of these days playing dudley:

You can do machinegun blow in corner before a lp jetupper. LP and mp MGB are unsafe, but just a bit and not easy punishable, EX MGB is also unsafe but hard to punish.

The recovery of his uppercuts is nice, at certain range they cant punish with their most damaging combo, however all his DP move except the EX version are useless as reversals and will get stuffed 100% of the time.

BSB is nice for baiting throws but the properties of this move are strange, some attacks will hit you when dudley is going back. The ex version is very unsafe on block, dont do it unless you are sure its going to hit or can fadc it, the last hit of EX BSB whiffs against certain characters. EX BSB doesnt seem that good, shoryukens and most reversals will hit you even if you do it.

You can combo from kidney blow, for example, fwd mp, c.lp, c.lp, st rh etc…

lp Jet upper xx hp jet upper is character specific, it doesnt work on cody or hakan, for example.

Ducking and punch is unsafe if you do it too close, you need to space it well or you will get punished, it breaks armor. Kick version can catch people that neutral jump.

His sweep is pretty good, it ducks and punish some attacks but you cant do it on reaction, still a nice move. His standing HP is a nice poke, still I feel like in 3s, dudley footsies are weak, you need to get in their face.

On a sidenote, dudleys meaty sweep will beat clean any of hakans 360 AND his 720 . He can also punish the “oil up” from fullscreen with ex mgb.

His focus is amazing, it has a lot of distance. Standing RH, HP jet upper did 260 damage if I recall correctly.

Standing mk is a very good anti air.

For target combos, I was only using c.lk, mk, jet upper because its the only one cancelable. You can confirm the srk by buffering it, its difficult but doable.

He does a lot of damage is he gets in, if i remember correctly fwd HK, HK, lp jet upper super did like 506 damage. Even without super, he does good damage for no meter.

Next time I play him ill try to use more cross counter, I assumed it as useless because it was in 3s. The rose is also much more slower than 3s, i dont think its going to be useful.

A full stored super dudley is SCARY, because if he touches you, there goes 50% of your life and a knockdown(and maybe cornered).

Rolling thunder is very good against shotos, you can also use it to punish teleports (dictator, akuma, seth) but you can also punish them with EX MGB.

Over all, Dudley is going to be a solid character but he will have problem against characters with good zoning or footsies that overcome theirs (balrog, chun, ryu for example) . If you get in , dudley has the tools to destroy anyone.

If you have any question, Ill try to help you guys and try stuff if I can play this week again :tup:

thank you…so much!

i’ll start updating the OP asap.

Edit: ok, got most of the moveset stuff in. If you have damage info, i could really update all the moves with it.

Anyone try Cross Counter as an AA yet?

I’ve played some dudley this weekend and I think Cross counter works as AA but I’m not really sure about the timing. I did it accidentaly and didn’t really try it out that much, but it may be that you have to do it kind of early for it to work. Although you lose almost as much hp as your opponent so I don’t think it will be really useful unless you have the health to spare. It can be a great momentum switcher though, since if you’re in the corner you will change places and get a knockdown.

Edit: I’m not sure about always switching places but if I remember correctly it happened at least once when doing it as AA.

What do you mean by that?
Also i think i saw in a video that after the rose is thrown, you can cancel the taunt, as you can do will all of the taunts in SF4 (except Dan’s crouching taunt) after a brief period of time.Can you confirm or deconfirm that?

My concern with Dudley at the moment is that he will be susceptible to reversals on his wake-up game. What moves does Dudley have to prevent reversals? I assume he has no cross-up attacks, so the only thing I can think of is an old-fashioned bait. Is there anything else he can use?

I’m actually somewhat glad to hear that his uppercut isn’t too useful as a reversal. We’ll have less braindead scrubs and flowcharts playing Dudley and mashing DPs all day haha.

In regards to his footsie game, are we talking downright terrible like Rufus in vanilla or somewhere in the middle?