Dudley's Kara Throw

How is this done, and is it even all that useful?



its not really useful

It’s utter crap, other than varying up the tech timings.


have you ever tried that ? he just walks a bit forward because you are pressing forward, but s.hp one really teleports him, I believe that is his only kara throw…

thats pretty shitty, wish he had one like Ken’s, i spend like half the match teching throws against a Ken, if i remember to do so

cr.MP crouch tech xx LP MGB kills Kens who like to Kara Throw

You do that by plinking crouch mp with throw right?

You can Kara throw with kidney blow fwd mk. It gives more range to me than fwd hp

Nah, you press all 3 buttons at the same time.

That makes sense. I’m going to try doing that right now. Thanks.

I don’t get you guys, I did a “kara” throw with f.hp f.mk and none of those work, all it did was move me a little forward because I was pressing forward, try to spam it, he will just stay stuck there grabing nothing, if you do this with ken he will start to teleport right away, now try it with s.hp, it works… Im almost sure, if not sure that dudley’s only kara throw is with s.hp…

its not like kens, lol. I believe you go fowared the same distance if you actally do it, then if you just hold forwrd to walk a bit before throwing, so its hard to tell when you actually do it.

The f+hp kara throw is pretty much useless. I remember experimenting with it not long after super came out. You do get a bit of distance with it, but it’s only a few pixels and it’s ultimately pointless.

As I said, it is good for varying up the throw tech timings

The only kara throw Dudley has is with st.hp. The other “kara throws” mentioned above move because you’re just pressing forward when you do it. His kara throw is pretty bad, but it has it’s uses.