Dudleys Attending Evo?

I know it’s still a little bit off, but I’m wondering if anyone is planning on maining dudley and attending evo this year. I would like to go but I’m nowhere near the level some of u guys are at.

Nevertheless I’d like to see someone represent dudley for evo and have them do well!


Me… =)

I’ll be there.

i will be using dudley as well

As soon as he starts loosing with Viper

Marn played Dudley on Valle in order to find out if it would be tourney-worthy. I would expect to see plenty of Marn’s Dudley, especially if he makes it to the Top 8.

I’ll be at evo with my scrubley.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Marn gets knocked out in pools by EdMa. Good match, surprising Juri. Did anyone else survive pools?

I was watching this match, he wrecked juri with dudley, Why the FACK did he go viper? i owe my buddy 20 bucks now :frowning: i had i hopes for marn in this one

He won the first set with Dudley and lost the second one. He counterpicked Viper because Edma had already been sent to loser’s by a Viper player.

but that doesn’t necesarrily mean that his viper is gonna beat that juri, how much experience does marn have with viper? i’ve seen him play only had dudley and rufus

lol Marn has way more experience with Viper than with Dudley. I see him play Viper more than Rufus, and other than occasionally, he’s only really showed off his Dudley since he beat Valle in Devastation.