Dudley vs. T.Hawk match-up discussion

I like to think that anyone of the characters can be read and eventually taken down, but some players will beast like crazy with their rushed-down techniques and cross-ups. Thunder Hawk is another character I have problems trying to fight against.
T. Hawk has a lot of power, forward momentum and good defense and I can’t seem to gain any leverage against some of the T. Hawk players out there. He’s even tougher than Zangief, in my opinion. Does anyone have any tips for beating T. Hawk as Dudley?

the T in T.Hawk means Thunder?

Good defense? no


Do you have XBL? I’ll help you with the Match up.
Make you see the light.

You see, my problem is that T.Hawk will dive forward and can land a throw or counter attack from in front or above with his wake up. As Dudley, I can’t seem to find any options for penetrating this kind of defense. Zangief is pretty tough, but I would say he is more predictable than T.Hawk, so yeah.
Anyway, I’m actually on PSN – AlphaCat93. I’m more of an El Fuerte player, but that needs some work too.

Actually I think Zangief is tougher than T. Hawk, but the thing is standing fierce stops a lot of T.Hawks pokes. I hate T.Hawk when he jumps because it can be a dive, and I try to anti air and I’m hit… that’s why I go air-to-air with him now.

:\ Psn cant help you there.
but ya
Thawk’s not bad
Getting offense going on T.hawk is ALOT EASIER than vs Gief.

st. HP and forward st. HP are good pokes and have better range than some of T.Hawk’s normals. They pretty much work on anyone, but they’re useful against T.Hawk so as to answer to Condor Spire.

MP MGB is good if they’re throwing out Condor Dives and you block 'em. Online on XBL, I like to do Jab SSB if they’re the kind of T.Hawk who SPDs after you hit the MGB.

You can forward ducking upper blocked condor dives or U1 theme pretty easily. You can also U1 his sweep in between the first and second hits like Guile’s. Don’t be afraid to go in on T.Hawk if you knock him down especially if he has no meter.

Loool I play this matchup like a chickenshit. St.hp st.hp, walk back, walk forward, st.hp, maybe try a cr.mk, walk back, block jumpin, jump away, repeat.