Dudley Tutoring Services

This thread is for newbs (noobs) like me to get better with the help of people who are actually good like Mellow, Thirtyfour, Mr.X etc. I try not to stay free but with the ingredients of Randomness, shotos, fireballs, jumping, wake up srks and ultras… I’d rather not finish this thought. Thanks to Mellow and thirtyfour to agree helping me!

Isn’t this what that MGB account is for on 360? why not just have them start that up again?

I posted in endless like a week ago about “reamping” that but no one replied sooooo yea

Dude, If I am on you can message me and Ill play with you. I’m by no means the daigo of dudleys, but I know an abundance.

I am more than happy to play with anyone. I have one person in my town that plays SF so yea…anyone will do.

Please add me to whatever friends list you’ve got going. And feel MORE than welcome to invite me anytime. I don’t care if it says I’m in ranked matches, or training room, or anything, just invite and 90% of the time I’ll join. I’d love to get more practice and learning in.

GT - MascotRay

If you guys are on PSN I’ve recently decided to try to main Dudley and would love to learn to use him better.

My PSN is Yewni.

Anybody can add me whenever they want but i might not be on for a while because of school and stuff. My dudley isn’t amazing but isnt bad either.

GT- l The Mayor l

It’s best if you have a mic.
(lol even tho i have the worst slur)
I’ll teach you Dudley.
I wont teach you how to play SF4
Also if you’re XBL
Add GT EndlessMGB
Dudley only GT you can use to contact other Duds w/o cluttering your friendlist
60 GTs at the price of 1

I don’t mind helping people learn. Also I don’t mind learning either as I still have a lot to learn. My PSN is Zentsurugi.

Cool then. hmm

I’ll be online tonight around 9:00 or 10:00 EST.

I’d also like to get some advice from a better dudley player but I’m from the netherlands. I have a decent connection but not good enough to have 3 bars with american players. Are there any players from europe here?
I play both xbox 360 and pc. (chapddr)

Logan Sama is from the UK.

did someone say tut