Dudley Social Thread

Take a load off and talk with the community of SFxT Dudley users, anything related or unrelated

Would you guys say spending 20 dollars for Dudley is well worth the investment?

I think Dudley is worth it I think. Good walk speed,nice combos, a decent learning curve if you aren’t use to him, just a overall decent character.

Love him. He’s got all the dignity you need, hasn’t he? :slight_smile:
One of the coolest chars ever.
And I can finally have my dreamteam with him & Gief: Mustache x Chesthair :smiley:

I’m still rubbish though.
Asked that before, but how do you guys approach? Using duck alot? Having my trouble with it.
I tink I still have to get used to his many tools

The best part of this game so far is the color customization.<br>http://s948.beta.photobucket.com/user/DickChang/library/SFxT%20Colors<br>

Really can just walk forward though with that crazy walk speed. Ducking helps too.<br><br><br>Can anyone that knows Japanese tell me what he says during his ex Machinegun Blow in romaji?<br>

I don’t have the DLC characters on console, so I haven’t tried Dudley for 2013 (only PC which 2 patches behind). When Dudley ends juggle combos midscreen, does he end with MP Jet upper and with corners, is it HP jet upper in 2013?<br>

What is dudley most damaging combo off of an overhead.  My best is fhk, sthk xx lp uppercut, mp, hp uppercut for 350 damage

After playing Duds in Vanilla and now in v2013 quite a lot, I really have to say that his nerfs are absolutely pathetic.
Duds has great walkspeed, etc. But still has T-Rex arms, that’s why he is known for mixup and damage output.
That’s much more unsafe due to the OH being unsafe and his combos have been nerfed soooo much damagewise.

Nerfing the damage on jHK is ok, not by 20, but whatever. On the other hand effing Jin and Hei still have their insane jHk.
Nerfing the damage on s.HK as well by 15 points is just so stupid.
My BnB for 1 meter was ally heavily nerfed.

All “buffs” are quite meh compared to the nerfs.
I always compare him to other chars like Nina. She’s got the same walkspeed, much longer reach. A 2-Hit canceable Overhead with good reach that is even safer than Duds OH. Oh, and she does 450+ damage meterless…Dudley hardly reaches this with 1 meter in the corner. She has less dignity tho :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong, I love Duds to bits, but it’s just not understandable what they did. Funny that so many jump on Dudley bandwaggon although he was nerfed :slight_smile:
Leave him as he is, but give him more damage.

I think Dudleys best Aspect is how Good MGB is to switch into. Its pretty crazy the damage he gets off that…  Dudley -> Hei - off random poke = almost 500 damage.<br>

True. Like Laws Spin Kicks. With the difference that he can randomly throw it out from a max range crMk, and it’s even safer and does much more damage. It’s ridiculous. Oh and with the difference that Law has 1000 options more in general.