Dudley matchup

Guys, what’s your opinion on the Dudley matchup? I don’t have too much experience against good Dudleys, but playing against one I feel the matchup seems pretty damn hard. Dudley can counter poke with st hk buffered into mgb/ex mgb for great damage and an insanely good wakeup situation in the case of the latter. It’s almost impossible for Gen to anti-air him with normals but Dudley anti-airs Gen just fine. If I recall correctly Dudley is pretty vulnerable to ouga crossups, but due to delayed wakeup that has become much, much harder to land – definitely no matchup changer.

So to sum it up: Every time Gen throws out a poke he risks losing the match due to counter poke and the situation that arises from it, and Gen has a hard time anti-airing Dudley, at least in Mantis. So, what do you guys think? 5-5? 6-4 Dudley? Any tips for this particular matchup?