Dude who discovered Vanilla Shuma/Trish glitch releases Hip-hop Album

Hey y’all,

I’ve regrettably been a stranger to the SRK forums and I’m gonna try and change my ways! (Especially since I love UMVC3 but my internet is shit). Most of you don’t know me (rightfully so) but some might know me as the guy who made this video: [media=youtube]52sRb_CYFCU[/media]

Well ANYWAYS, just wanted to let y’all know I also make music and just released my new album “Selfish Bastard.” It’s hip-hop but I was inspired by bands like Sonic Youth and Martha & The Muffins. I’d love to hear what y’all think. You can stream it and if you feel you’d like to, even buy it and support the arts. Thanks in advance. http://www.selfish-bastard.com

Talk to you soon! (And if you’re in Las Vegas and wanna get down on Marvel, lemme know!)



That being said, the 10 seconds of your stuff I listened to wasn’t terrible but not very inspired. It was literally like listening to Eminem not trying that hard.

Please no more threads like these fellows, we don’t care and that is what sigs are for. Do your marketing in those.

I liked it. Angelpalm is just a poopyhead

Regardless of one’s opinion of dudes talent this is not the kind of posting trend we want to establish on this board. Way too many guys like this that need exposure and this is not the place to do it regardless of what they discovered in MVC3.

Get on this level mang:

Understood. I just figured that since this ISN’T a music forum, it WOULD be a good place to try. But I see where you’re coming from. This was my try. From now on I’ll probably just stick with the usual subject matter for a place like this. Thanks guys.

You could also post it in the rap and hip hop thread in this forum.

Yea this right here. We’re not saying don’t share, just share in a more appropriate place. We have a lot of threads for a lot of subject, try an an find em first. If one for your topic doesn’t exist them make it for the genre as a whole and not just to promote yourself.