Dual Shock Disassembly

Okay, I’m sorry but I’ve read many tutorials and have searched the forums here for the same question I’m about to ask and I’ve found nothing…sorry this is my first stick. I have a Dual Shock 1 -A…it’s not the no solder but I’m okay to attempt soldering. I’m waiting for my buttons and just wanted to make sure before they got here. After I take off the trigger buttons and rumble motors there is a ribbon cable connecting to another small PCB where I popped the analog tops off. Do I even need this smaller PCB, or can I just break it off? If I do, do I break it off at the PCB side or the analog side? I know it’s probably a minor issue, just wanted to be certain. Thanks guys.

hmm…I’ve been looking at the main PCB and I noticed that next to the black covered contacts. It looks like they run through both ground and button. Sorta confusing. Should I just ignore and scratch off the black covers and solder onto those?

Do not under any circumstances remove the sub-PCB with the analog sticks, it’ll screw up your controller. And yes scrape of the black cover and solder to the copper underneath for the live connection of each input, the ground is common so can be sourced from a single point for all inputs.

What exactly removin the sub-pcb will do to the controller?

I’ve seen PCBs with them removed on hacked pads, but I don’t know the details of which PCBs are ok to do that with and which aren’t. I usually just hot glue them together so they stick, and then secure them to the inside of the joystick. should be fine, they aren’t too big with both parts anyway.

Typically with analog things, you need to give a signal telling it that it is turned off or in this case in neutral. When you remove it, it typically goes pretty whacky because it doesn’t know that it’s off. That’s why you shouldn’t remove it.


Sweet thanks for the info guys, I’m glad I asked now haha