Dual PCB issue with Madcatz 360 pad

I’ve got a Cthulhu and a Madcatz 360 pad wired in a dual PCB setup. However, when I switch over to the 360, the PCB turns on but then turns off. If I wiggle the PCB a little bit, it comes on, but it never gets to the point that the controller is recognized by the 360. I’ve gone through the connections, and it doesn’t appear any of them are touching ground. Any thoughts?

Well, I think I found where the issue was. I left the original cables from the USB cord that provided power and such, and I think they were coming loose on the PCB. They’re working now, but now I have another strange issue. On the 360, my RT appears to be acting strangely in SF4. It doesn’t cause an issue on the menu or in game until I set it to a function. Whatever function it gets set to disables that function on all other buttons. So if I set it to 3K, then ALL of my kicks are unusable. If I set it to HK and another button to HK, then I can’t use HK. If I set it to “No Function”, then everything works fine.

When I use the stick with my PS3, I have a similar issue, but the button that causes the issue is R2, which is where my HK button is. I can set it similarly to how it is on the 360, but it leaves me having to use my 3K button as HK, which is very awkward (especially since I main Sagat, it makes Ultras hard to do).

I’m wondering if it’s because of how my triggers are wired on the 360 pad (It’s a 2009 Madcatz). I have the resistor/transistor circuit Toodles put together in another topic, I’m just wondering if it needs to be reversed for one trigger or what…

Anyone got any thoughts? Sorry to bump this, but I got an event coming up this weekend, and I’d like to nail down this issue ASAP.

Set your buttons that you aren’t using to NO FUNCTION. That usually happens to me.

I’m not familiar with the resistor/transistor method, but I’ve heard you might need diodes in a dual PCB mod. Otherwise, this is indicative of a improperly wired trigger. Check that you have your Lows and Highs straight.

I use the hex inverter method, which Toodles actually recommends.