Dual modding my Fightstick - Where to solder button inputs to?

I know there was a thread here that showed this, but I can’t find it to save my life.

I am re-moddng my fightstick so that it will again use a Cthulhu and a 360 PCB. My original setup had the button inputs for the Cthulhu soldered directly to the 360 PCB. I didn’t like this setup originally, and still don’t. I saw previously that someone soldered them to the QD’s on the terminal strip to the left of the 360 board. I am planning on doing this, however, I don’t want to get this wrong. Obviously either the top most or the bottom most row is the ground, and I don’t want to solder them there.

Does anyone know which row is the inputs, and which is the ground?

If this is similar to that of the TE, which I imagine it is, the top row on the pseudo terminal block is the ground, while the bottom row corresponds to the actual button inputs.

i guess you are talking 360 SE? i believe the bottom row is ground, you can simply test it with mutimeter since all ground is connected.

Go Here.

Not really a hard search for you to have done, but I’m bored.

After looking at the picture of the terminal block of the SE in the link, it is turned upside down, so the poster after me is correct; the inputs are on the top row (closest to the headers), and the grounds are on the bottom row.

Eh, you guys weren’t understanding what I was talking about.

I was referring to this picture:


In this thread (yes I finally found it): http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=182775

But I just found that thread again literally 5 minutes ago. I wound up doing what I should’ve done, but didn’t, out of laziness, and found my multimeter, and used it to figure out which row was used for ground, and which was used for inputs.

Thanks anyway.

EDIT: Actually, I think Crime and ezpoint knew what I was talking about. ezpoint was wrong though, but was right in that it was easily identifiable via a multimeter.

it is the bottom row for inputs and top for ground.