Dual Modding a TE stick. Need info

Anyone dual modded any of these? Anything I should be watching out for? Any special info at all?

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No one has. You should watch out for the foam snake inside that shoots out when you open it up. We can’t stop here, it’s bat country. Also, you should probably search.

Fingercramp has done a 360/ps3 mod for his TE.

Thanks for that one. Unfortunately no pictures or anything. Can’t even find the guys email address :sad:.

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the cthulhu board thread has some info also the 2 pcb’s in one stick

Fantastic! :rofl:

i’ve done a few. i’ll get a write up done tomorrow if nobody else does.

i’ve only done 360 te’s with regular and mc cthulhu though.

but yeah a bunch of people have done them already. it’s a pretty much like any other dual pcb mod.

A write up would be swell. I don’t see what you have done there too well. Did you have to run a separate ground to the ground of the stick or does it already have a link if you add the ground to any of the other buttons? Do you know if the 360 and PS3 versions are both common? Thanks.

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here’s a rough draft of the write up. i have pics but i still have to sort through them.

Disclaimer. I’m not responsilbe if you break your stick or hurt yourself in the process. This tutorial is for educational purposes only.



Madcatz Tournament Edition Fightstick for Xbox 360
Cthulhu PS3/Pc PCB
DPDt switch
wire (22-30awg)
electric tape/ heat shrink tubing


various size philips screwdrivers
flathead screwdriver
1/16th hex or square bit
dremel cutting tool
wire stripper
15w soldering iron
rosin flux
hot glue gun
helping hands


Before you start you should easily be able to take apart your stick.

Step 1. Remove the 6 top plate hex screws with your hex/square bit.

*** Before proceeding any further you should take some time to become familiar with the inside of the stick. In this mod you will have to remember where each wire plug and quick disconnect goes back to. Also this is the time to figure out where you want your Cthulhu Pcb and Dpdt switch to be mounted.***

Step 2. Disconnect all wiring from the buttons, joystick, and main pcb. Be sure to remember how to reconnect everything later
Step 3. Unscrew out the main pcb, button wiring terminal, and turbo pcb housing.
Step 5. Remove the screws from the bottom metal plate.
Step 6. Remove all screws from the bottom plastic housing.
Step 7. Gently prop one side of the white side housing away from the bottom plastic housing and lift up. Repeat for the other white plastic side until it is removed.
Step 8. Remove the 2 screws holding down the cord storage and cut the zip tie holding down usb cord to the case.


There is no need for any real external modification except to add your dpdt switch. In this section we will be adding our dpdt switch inside the cord storage area of the case.

Step 1. Mark the area of where you want your dpdt switch to go. Take note of how the cord storage piece fits in the case and how the cord will fit with your switch mounted in it before choosing a spot. In this tutorial we choose the center, a little higher to compensate for how the cord storage piece fits back into the bottom plastic base.
Step 2. Use your dremel/cutting tool to make the hole for your dpdt switch to fit.
Step 3. Test fit your switch and sand away any excess so that your switch fits in venly.
Step 4. With your switch mounted drill your holes for the the mounting screws
Step 5. Secure the switch with your Screws and bolts.


Preparing the TE Fightstick PCB

Top Side Soldering

In this section we are preparing the data wires from the usb cable to the dpdt switch.

Step 1. Identify the Green and White Data wires coming off the usb cable to the pcb.
Step 2. Cut the wires as close to the board as possible and strip the ends.
Step 3. Cut 2 wires about 12" and strip one end for each wire.
Step 4. Solder the stripped ends of each wire together. Flux and tinning the wires will help.
Step 5. Wrap the newly exposed soldered wire with electrical tape to insulate.

Bottom Side Soldering

In this section we are preparing the wires to be connected to the Cthulhu and Xbox 360 side of the data wires to the dpdt switch.

Step 1. Cut and strip 17 wires about 12" in length each. (actually you don’t need them this long since you will be cutting the excess when wiring to the cthulhu)
Step 2. Secure the pcb to your helping hands with the bottom of the board facing up or use anything that will keep the pcb secure and have its wiring out of the way.
Step 3. solder each wire to the points shown. The TE pcb also is clearly labeled to identify these solder points.

Preparing the Cthulhu PCB

If you purchased an unassembled Cthulhu kit check here for assembling instructions. http://www.instructables.com/id/How_to_Assemble_a_Cthulhu_PCB/ otherwise you can proceed to step 1.

Step 1. Identify the D+ and D- on the cthulhu pcb.
Step 2. Cut 2 wires about 12" in length and strip them.
Step 3. Solder those Wires to the each point on the cthulhu board.

Connecting from TE pcb to Cthulhu pcb

Connect through soldering or screw terminals.

Step 1. Depending on which way your board is facing when mounted, find the connection closest to the TE pcb. For this we choose start.
Step 2. Cut/strip your start wire from the TE pcb to the length of how close you want it to connect to the Cthulhu pcb and attach it via solder/screw terminal. This will be what you base the length of your wiring from pcb to pcb for each additional input.
Step 3. Cut/strip and attach each additional wire as follows going down the line of each connection on the cthulhu pcb.

Use the following

TE - Cthulhu

A - 1K
B - 2K
x - 1P
Y - 2P
LB - 4P
RB - 3P
LT - 4K
RT - 3K
Up - UP
Down - Down
Left - Left
Right - Right
Ground - Ground

DPDT Switch Wiring

In this section we will take our D+ and D- from TE, Cthulhu, and USB wire and solder them to the dpdt switch.

Step 1. Identify your D+ wire from the bottom side of the TE pcb and solder it to the top left prong on the dpdt switch.
STep 2. Identify your D- wire from teh bottom side of the TE pcb and solder it to the bottom left prong of the dpdt switch
Step 3. Identify your D+ wire from the usb cable and solder it to the top middle prong of the dpdt switch.
Step 4. Identify your D- wire from teh usb cable and solder it to the bottom middle prong of the dpdt switch.
Step 5. Identify your D+ wire from the Cthulhu pcb and solder it to the top right prong of the dpdt switch.
Step 6. Identify your D- wire from teh Cthulhu pcb and solder it to the bottom right prong of the dpdt switch.


Step 1. Make sure all wiring is clean and free from any soldered bridges or loose connections.
Step 2. Plug your usb cable into your pc.
Step 3. Go into game controller properties. With your switch to the left it should read “Arcade Stick (Street Fighter Iv Fightstick TE)” and switch to the right should read "Cthulhu PC/PS3 Contrller"
Step 4. Attach the joystick and buttons to the madcatz pcb and test the properties in both modes.

Securing Cthulhu

With everything working it’s time to secure your Cthulhu pcb. In this mod we just hot glued some corners down but there are holes on the pcb that can be used to mount with screws.

Assemble Your Stick

Follow the taking apart your stick in reverse order and you are done.

now you can fadc ultra some shit on 2 consoles with one stick. :looney:

If I buy the parts, is there anyone in the Bay Area (CA) who can do this for me for a reasonable price? PM me if you can do it and are interested.

cool thing akuma001…

does anyone know if this could be done with a mayflash ps2/ps3/pcb board instead of the cthulu board and putting it on a 360 te stick?

its pretty interesting how this thread is right above a guide to dual modding an se…


I and FluxCore both modded a TE with one of Toodle’s UPCBs. I don’t have any kind of full blown tutorial but both of us posted some pictures that can be found on the last 2 pages of the UPCB thread.

It’s a 4mm hex screw, not a 1/16th inch!

right now i have the cthulhu reading as the te stick (which is suppose to be on the left) when the switch moved to the right
and the left side switch is reading nothing . anyone knows y?

I did mine with a ps1 dual shock I found for 5 bucks.

i ended up buying the cthulhu and worked it out fine. i just have to find a way to keep the dpdt switch properly connected