Dual modded stick troubles

Im using a dual modded old T5 stick for ps2. its modded for ps3 and 360.
I know it works because when I plug it in on my pc it recognizes it instantly, and sometimes when the xbox is turned off, i can use the guide button on the stick to turn it on, but once the xbox comes on it WILL not recognize the stick, any idea what might cause this annoying poroblem?

Hard to say with the amount of information present.
How is your Dual-mod wired. What PCB did you use.

Noe all Dual-mod setups are auto-detect, some setups require the use of a button press to change modes while others have a physical toggle switch.

Works on PC =/= Xbox controlls
All Xbox wired controlls work on PC but not all PC controllers work on Xbox.
Sad thing is lot of the default genetic PC controllers work on PS3 not Xbox 360.