Dual Mod TE W/Plexi! Tmobile HD2! 360 TE PCB! HRAP USB Cable! Shaft Covers!

Shipped price only applies to the connecting 48 states. I accept payment via paypal gift payment to cut on the fees. If that works for you, then contact me for any parts at jamesepoop@yahoo.com.

Dual Mod PS3/360 TE. Carbon Fiber Vinyl, Art Plexi, Art arrow dustwasher. Sanwa JLF joystick. Seimitsu PS14-KN. Custom wide rubber feet. $200 shipped.

HRAP USB cable. New. Plug and Play. Will fit HRAP3 or EX-SE. $25 shipped
Got one of these?
Well get a new cable

Seimitsu PS-14-DNC 24mm Pushbutton Green x 2 buttons, new… $7 shipped

Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK. New. Out of stock at Lizard Lick woo woo. $28 shipped.

Sanwa OSBF-30 from VLX 360. Like New. $12 shipped.

Madcatz 4716 Hacked Pad with trigger hack, so all 8 buttons work. Wiring all tucked to the back. $60 shipped.

T-Mobile HTC HD2
Awesome phone. In great condition. 4.3" viewing screen. 5MP camera. Trumps Iphone for days. Will include a brand new screen protector and has an protective outer snap on case. Leaving the country and I can’t use this phone over there. $220 shipped.

JLF Shaft covers… $2.75 shipped
Gold. Red… Blue… Purple. Guile Green.

360 Break away cable extensions for your USB. Dog chewed yours up? $5 shipped.


Round2 TE Shell
Madcatz 360 TE Main PCB from Round 2
MVC2 TE Case.
Dual Mod PS3 TE w/ plexi & art.
Chun Li TE Xbox 360 Stick
Hori VLX with ribbon wiring. MC cthulhu
Hori VLX 360. Like New
DC Agetec Case
Madcatz 360 TE Round 2
QCF wood case
Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Pushbutton.
HRAP3 Cable
Round 1 TE Case
Madcatz 4716 Hacked Pad with trigger hack + Shaft Covers
HRAP3 PCB/Turbo Panel $35 shipped
PS3/360 TE Sold
2x JLF harnesses + Shaft covers
Red Grooved Shaft cover
Madcatz 4716 with trigger hack
Sanwa GT-Y Octagon Restrictor + Shaft Covers
Blaze Dual Joysticks for Sony PS1/PS2.
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK + Custom Shaft Cover
Seimitsu LS32-01, custom black shaft cover.
6x Sanwa OSBF Black Rim/White Plunger.
Dual Mod TE PS3/360 #1
Dual Mod TE for PS3 and Xbox360 #2
Seimitsu LS-32.
Sanwa GTY
360 TE PCB sold
6 Sanwa OSBF-30 white
Seimitsu/Hennessy flavored shaft cover
6 Sanwa OSBF-30 new
Package A
Package B
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT

Updated price and parts.

Oh man, I was looking for exactly this, but I finally gave up and just bought them new…good proce there, and GL with the sale.

Although, I don’t know if it’s just the lighting, but those look way more like orange than vermillion. I thought vermillion was darker/more red than that…

They are Vermilion.
They came from his HRAP 3.

that’s interesting. I’ve never seen vermilion in person so I can’t tell if this picture is making them look more orange, or all of the pictures on the store websites make them look more red… if this picture is what they look like in person I might have wanted to get vermilion stuff instead of orange… if this sale is still up when I get my orange stuff I might end up picking these up!

Hey willing to accept trades?

E-mail sent! :smiley:

Yes, I would like to know also if you’re willing to accept trades?

Sorry Rod and Avidist. Looking for Cash trade only.

MRGAY, you got e-mail back.

Added a couple things. Got some e-mails, but might have deleted them as I didn’t hear back. Please contact me again.

Lowered prices.

PM sent! will buy now.

Do they come with shafts and extra dustwasher?

Hey cue, they do not. That’s why it’s the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT. No “-SK” for the shaft covers. But I’m including a bottom dust cover that’s meant for with a shaft cover. Won’t effect operation at all.

I am interested in getting the Package A.

By the way, does package A have a square gate for 8-way rotation…

Sorry, I am new to this arcade stick modding business.

Hey HANdrew, it is square gate set to 8 way. I believe the PCB can be rotated so it can be used for 4 way, but right now it’s set for 8-way to play fighters.

Oh… Okay…

this video might help you understand. [media=youtube]jQLXRD-0GBg[/media]

Added another JLF package. This one is brand new. =)