Dual-Mod Mode Switching

How does one switch modes on a dual-modded stick TE-S stick? Specifically from 360 mode to PS3 mode, and then back?
Also, is PS3’s breakaway cord (if it has one) grey? My theory is that the grey breakaway cable is for older model 360s.

Depends on what kind of dual-mod you get; some have you press a button as you plug it in, some will do it for you automatically, some require a slider switch to be thrown. Most of the modern ones are auto-detect, but it’s not safe to assume. The auto-detect ones also commonly have an “override”, so if you want it to detect as a specific console when you plug it in, you just press a specific button. This is useful when debugging or using them on PC’s.

As for cables, I’m not certain what cord you’re talking about. Most PS3 controllers don’t have a breakaway cord, because they cost extra and it’s only a requirement for 360 controllers. That said, a USB cable’s a USB cable’s a USB cable; a dual-modded stick with a 360 breakaway cord will work just fine on a PS3 with the same cord.

Thanks underwing. IF the mod requires a button press, do you press start as it turns on? There were no instructions with this stick so I am trying to figure it out.
There is an LED that is on when I insert the USB into the 360. Not sure if that tells you what type of mod it is…
I’ve tried to get in touch with the modder, but so far no luck.
Because I have a Slim model 360, the grey breakaway cord doesn’t work or the cord is bad.

Depends on how the stick is dual-modded. There’s a variety of PCBs that accomplish this, and they all their different ways of detecting consoles. Like previously mentioned you either have to a) move a slider switch, b) hold a button or series of buttons as you plug it in, or c) it will auto-detect.

It would help if you opened up your stick and took a picture of the PCB so we can figure it out. If it’s the PS360+, it will auto-detect the console and work automatically. You can also force it to PS3/PC mode by holding the top-left button as you plug it in. Hold the 2nd from the top-left button to force it into Xbox360 mode.

PS3 controllers doesn’t come standard with the breakaway cord. That’s primarily found on xbox systems. Just plug it in and find out what happens. It’s not going to fry anything if it was installed properly.

It is supposedly an Auto-Detect. I still have to test this to confirm as much. But it was supposedly professionally done.
My next question is: how long do the components of the dual-mod PCB last? Obviously without banging the stick or anything similar.

Again. We don’t know what’s in your arcade stick, so it’s difficult to comment or make a good estimate on its reliability. Assuming there are no weird manufacturing defects and that nobody took a hammer to it, it should last you a few years at the very least. It also depends on the quality of the dual-mod install and what precautions they took to ensure that the connections are tight and will remain so without additional maintenance.

Serious question: How do I install the PS360+? Google is no help, the video is no help, and neither is the manual PDF. I’m lost.

You need to take notice of the labels on the PS360+ board it self.

Up, Down, Left and Right are obvious Joystick terminals, GND is ground, Start, Select/Back and Home/Guide also should be obvious.
1P, 2P, 3P and 4P are your top row buttons
1K, 2K, 3K, and 4K are your button row buttons.

Typically the layout is as such* (following Street Fighter IV Button Mapping)*
1P 2P 3P 4P
1K 2K 3K 4K

Is the same as

*For Xbox 360 *


Square Triangle R1 L1
X Circle R2 L2
for PS3

If you don’t want to solder use the USB jack on the board.
There is also a RJ45 port for console cables that don’t use USB.

I’m trying to mod my friends PS3 SFxT PRO stick, how do I know which wire to put to what? I’m really lost… I’ve already done the joy-stick, it was very straight forward. As to the other two ribbons, I’m lost:

In your PS3 SFxT PRO, take a look at your button distribution board, there is a PCB under that black plastic.
The top side is labeled.

Now there will be some Trial and Error as I am not sure where the GND and KGND is located.
But for the most part the wires in those 2 ribbon cables follows the same order as the labeled printed on that black plastic.
The Pins on the top line up with their respective places in the back side of the board.

You got 12 wires, 6 each cable. 8 are the top panel buttons, 2 are your start and select, and you have your GND and KGND.
If you are not going to use the tournament lock, you want to go on the underside of that board and bridge the GND and KGND together so you can use start and select.

Ah, shit. Okay, I see it now. I needed to remove the sticky glue to actually see all of the labels; damn, I’m blind. Cheers. I’ll post back with progress in a bit.

Every time I put the stick into my xbox, my xbox freezes. I did a really poor job soldering the usb onto the mod pcb… should i just get a rj-45 to usb?

Wait we’re talking about the PS360+ right? Yeah Don’t solder a USB cable to it unless you are really good at soldering. If it was some of the PROs who been on this site for years, I will say yeah go for it.

Use either the USB port or RJ45 Port on the PS360+


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It fits right into dedicated connectors on the board and the one cable (the one with Red, Black, White and green wires) can be spliced directly to a USB cord.

If you aren’t good at soldering, you can use a terminal block or butt connectors to finish your USB wiring.

I’ll try to open it to show you. I’m just worried about screwing up the MOD board when I open it. Any tips? TE-S Chun-Li stick…

Yes, the PS360+ Once I get a RJ45 to USB, connect it, and undo my shit attempt at soldering the original USB cable from the PS360+ PCB, will it stop the freezing on my XBOX?

There’s literally nothing to screw up. Just take a basic screwdriver or hex screwdriver and undo either the top or bottom panel, whichever is easier. Take a clear picture of the board and wiring. Easy peezy.

Why do you need a RJ45-to-USB cable? The PS360+ already has a USB port. You just need to get a Male A - Male B USB cable that costs like…$3 online.

Okay. Here are the innards. If the photos aren’t of the mod then I’ll take more…
Trying to learn what type of mod it is and what functions should or should not work…

Your pictures aren’t showing up, dude.

I edited the link into the piror post. When I click it, it goes to photobucket…

It’s been dual modded with a ChImp SMD board. If done correctly then it should auto-detect between consoles. Have you tested it on both PS3 and 360 yet? If not you can test both modes on a PC.