Dual mod MadCatz SE stick?

I want to dual mod my xbox 360 MadCatz SE, but i can’t really find a guide specifically for dual modding a SE MadCatz stick. Is modding process the same as the one for a TE MadCatz stick?



Note that the only solderless solution is no longer available to purchase so you’ll need to get busy with a soldering iron or get a PS360+ board.

If you looked in the Introduction and rules thread you would find the link to the guide

How to Mod Your SFIV/TvC/Brawl SE FightStick FAQ
Keep in mind the thread is old and some of the images are broken.

What guide/method would you guys recommend for dual modding a stick?

Dual-modding 101 is a good start

It kind of general and it could use some updates, but the fundamentals haven’t changed

All the guide really lacking is PS4 and XBox One coverage, and we are still exploring that field.

This also provide some insight