dual mod help!!

whats up people. I just joined because im pulling my hair out right now and i figured someone here might be kind enough to help. I have a hori t5 ps2 pcb and and official late model 360 wired pcb (the one that says typhon on the chip). I followed all the directions i have been reading up on, searched, and searched and have not found a solution.

Here is my problem.I have both common grounds on each pcb linked and both powers linked and nothing works. It’s wierd because whenever I make contact with signal wires for both pcbs, that button activates. the same thing also happens hooking up to dreamcast pcb. I feel like Im overlooking something simple but I cant figure it out. Im pissed! someone help!!:smokin:

The Xbox 360 PCB you have is not Common Ground.
The only Common Ground PCB from Microsoft is the Late Wireless.

i still dont understand though. There is a common ground for up, dwn, lft, rght, x,y,Lb, a,b,Rb,strt, bck, and guide on the xbox controller. I checked n checked. I am having the same exact problem hooking up to a dreamcast pcb also.

i also just found out that if i dont connect the powers on the DC pcb to t5 pcb but the grounds connected, everything works fine. If leave it connected like this will there be any long term damage like this?

The Microsoft Xbox 360 PCB you are using is not Common Ground.
The Inputs you listed all use a Common Line though.
But it is not Ground, it is Voltage.

You see why it is not working now?
The Common you think is Ground, is actually Voltage.
So what do you get when you connect the Dreamcast PCB to it?

scratch my previous post, not true. I hooked up the power from the ps2 pcb to dc power, then hooked up gnd from ps2 to dc, nothing works

You won’t get your Dual Mod to work if you don’t have both PCB being Common Ground.
Your Microsoft Xbox 360 PCB is not Common Ground I’m telling you.
You have to get a Mad Catz one.

ok, any ideas on my dreamcast problem. Dreamcast power hooked to t5 power, booth common grounds hooked, nothing. oh yea, when powers are hooked, then i touch both common grounds, it activates pause

How are you wiring your Buttons?

nevermind, i found out i had the spot for power on dc. my bad. Thanks for helping out. I might just put a toggle switch for the grounds on the xbox and ps2/dc. Ill let u kno if i need help. thanks

well i got the ps2 and dc working together properly

signals from all pcbs on one side of terminal strip. grounds from ps2/dc and 360 seperated by toggle switch then to terminal strip.

signals on one side of terminal strip to each button, one ground going to all buttons.