Is this guy still active here? Because I really want to tell him to shut up and up his sf4 game.

He’s pretty good at turbo. He even beat S-Kill.

Ya, This might be a Troll Thread. It’s a 50/50 Situation

Excellent ST player… I think he doesn’t play HDR because of he disliked the changes to his main, or he didn’t feel there wasn’t a scene for it(although HDR was 2nd as far as participants at EVO)

you COULD always go on his youtube to tell him that. I don’t see the need to make a thread about it.

And I want to tell you to put up or shut up.

Seriously, who are you dude? And why should I care?

Money match him?

That might be difficult seeing as how TNB doesn’t actually play fighting games.

I wonder what you’d do if there was no newbie forums.

Probably like most ST players who hate HDR, hate it because their characters got nerfed, but use the guise of “LOL graphics suck”. I mean if HDR Ken was originally in ST and HDR got (a nerfed) ST Ken, I wouldn’t play HDR. In fact a lot of the time I use Ryu in ST simply because I find walk up low forward into shoryu is easier (no crazy kick), and the fact that all his shoryus knock down.

Why do you care so much about dsp?
Just write him a XBL msg like every other troll or dickrider.


Yeah he placed 4th in the SBO qualifiers for ST, which means he gets to stand in if any of the top three don’t make it. That probably won’t happen though.

Its a shame he is the most annoying ass on the planet.

come on now how many time have you lost to someone online and thought you shouldn’t don’t go by the way he sounds on youtube he just at home playing some random matches for fun.

I’ve been to a few major where he would help organizers he is a cool dude by my book although I am no friend of his.

I don’t get why people hate DSP. He’s an excellent ST player and he’s actually one of the only people who play games on youtube who make it entertaining. Sure, he whines when he loses but it’s funny and at least he uploads his losses.

TNB, why do you have a personal thing against him?

Why can’t some people realize that he whines deliberately? His genre/style on Youtube lists him as a comedian, that means he’s doing it all on purpose to entertain people. Why else does he have 50M+ views?

agree with norieaga, that guy just whines on purpose, is a comedian, part of the show guys.

I thought comedians were supposed to be funny though

Word. he’s like a grown-up little brother. “I LOST WAAAAH! IMMA BLAME THE GAME!” Saltier than the Mediterranean, man.
To quote Ryu “In order to win you must first Learn to love competition!” Even if you lose, enjoy the fight. Learn from your mistakes. Improve. Evolve.

As for the trolls who declare by their almighty “prowess” (that has yet to be shown) that this thread is worthless and that I do nothing but ask questions… Ehh I know you don’t want to hear this, but you are actually wrong. I know, it’s a first for you, try to take it gently.
I started on SNES World Warrior. O.G. Sf2 when I was like 3 years old and then went to Sf2’turbo: Hyper Fighting for the SNES. So I have been playing fighters my whole life basically, with 2d in spurts up until about fourth/fifth grade when I figured out the motions after finding that darn instruction book that was lost for so long for world warrior. I play tekken, sf, soulcal, marvel, tatsu, 3s, some cvs2, and guilty. I’m terrible at tatsu and best at st and gg. I used to play cvs1 as Nakoruru because she was so darn good in that. I have historically used Chun and Ryu. I find Chun easier than pulling clutch srk’s now (and doing fierce/medium hadouken on pad without those dumb command normals coming out and leaving me open occasionally), though looking at Daigo and Valle makes me want to return to Ryu sometimes just for the sake of getting good with him.

[/dumb bio for people who don’t know better]. LOL that reminds me of Mr. PoPo from TFS DBZ abridged. “Like I said a woman that doesn’t know any better”.