DS3 D-PAD = crap?

Hi SRKers!

I got some problems with my DS3 D-Pad again, the 3rd time now. It’s totally broken this time:

The D-Pad itself is broken into two parts; I can press “left + right” or “up + down” at the same time without any problems. Sliding has become very difficult… On my first DS3, the plastic around the D-Pad cracked and I returned it. Same happened on my second DS3 -> RMA’d. But on my third DS3, after it cracked again, I just waited. The crack grew with time and finally the D-Pad itself broke.

Whenever I borrowed my DS3 @ Max Damagermany, people wondered about my DS3, and told me how nice it was to play with it. My DS3 was probably the most broken in DS3 on that tournment -> very easy to slide. The strange thing is, that I got my DS3 replaced just about 7 months ago… I’m wondering, what the problem is. I’m playing about approx. 2h a day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Also, I don’t throw the DS3 around or do other crazy stuff with it. I’m very patient and careful when using ANY of my hardware, including the DS3.

I asked Amazon about another replacement and they agreed, so no problems there. But I’m still wondering, if I’m the only person here, who’s experiencing these problems. I’ll choose another DS3 this time (silver) and hope, that it’ll last longer, since it’s made of a slightly different plastic. Also, I should notice, that I’m a pure Mishima player and really depend on the D-Pad.

Any help / comment / experience is welcome!

The plastic is the same, just different colour.

More likely you’re hitting your EWGFs that little too hard.

Are you a bodybuilder? :lol:

Ever consider a 3rd party pad if the Six Axis/ Dual Shock 3 not cutting it out for you. Hori and Logitech do not make bad controllers, I haven’t tried a Mad Catz PS3 pad So I can’t comment.

Okay, but what about the “structure”? The black and white DS3s are matte, the silver DS3 has a metallish finish, similar to the DS2 controller (which are fine after 4 years btw. xD)

Yeah, most likely :).

:rofl: I often train in the gym, but I’m not a bodybuilder… not now at least xD.

Besides the D-Pad problem, I really love the DS3 - even over the DS2. I’ve tried 3rd party controllers in the past, but they broke even faster than the DS3; all the 3rd party controllers I owned until now (about 5 - 6 for GameCube / PS2 / Xbox1) are trash now… So much about my experience with 3rd party controllers.

However, I currently own a korean arcade stick - and I’m working on a japanese one at the moment. So, I don’t plan to get other 3rd party controllers besides these arcade sticks.

As of now, it seems, that I’m the only person out there, experiencing these problems. Sad :(…

In the US now, Best Buy is running a special discount on PS3 Dual Shock 3 pads. $40 for any color and also reduced prices on the limited edition DS3 joypads packed with games (Little Big Planet, God of War Collection). Very good deals for people looking for a new color to play with or at least a second DS3!

(Damn… they were sold ouf the red DS3’s at my local Best Buy when I checked!)

The DS3 sale runs through the 21st of this May so there’s not much time left. The discount should apply for online buys, too.

Awww! I live in Germany - here they cost around ~45? + shipping :(…