DS Homebrew can take advantage of 3DS's extra power

So I had a DSi, and bought an AceKart DSi to run homebrew and import games on it. I really wanted to be able to play Street Fighter 2 and Megaman on the go. Well, while NES and Gameboy games ran fine, 16 bit consoles like the Genesis and SNES have bugs and framerate issues, due to the lower processing power of the DS and the less support for homebrew on it. One notable issue is that due to framerate issues, playing Street Fighter 2 was like playing Street Fighter 1. It would drop inputs, and pulling off special moves became a game of luck.
So what does this have to with the 3ds? Well, the people who updated the card now allow the card to be played on the 3ds. It’s still in 3ds mode, so it won’t play 3DS games and won’t be in 3D. However I ran a few games, and they run significantly better on the 3DS. Street Fighter runs with no framerate issues, and I can pull off moves as I see fit. I’m wondering how much much of this homebrew developers can take advantage of? I’m thinking it’s probably impossible to take advantage of the new screen, cameras, or individual controls of the stick, but maybe we can get better emulators, for more consoles, like the GBA.

Nice , but I think 3DS Homebrews would be outside of the scope and interest of SRK Tech Talk.

I doubt there be much Homebrewing as the 3DS would be subject to the same firmware updates that the Wii and PSP goes though.
Also Game Gear, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and GBA is being added to the virtual console for the 3DS (and maybe the Wii) this fall.

Scope maybe. Interest definitely not. I run emulators on my DS and wrote tutorials on configuring them back in the day. I also like lurking the pocketheaven and nesdev boards.

For some reason, I thought Virtual Boy was on the list for the 3DS. That would be cool, and it could still even have the 3D.

Well the thing is, the 3DS thinks the cartridge is a legit DS cart. The good thing is that there really is no way that Nintendo can block that cartridge, unless they block that specific game it’s mimicking (which they legally can’t). Not to mention I doubt DS piracy on the 3DS is going to be a main concern. While I know that there will be new downloads in the virtual console, a lot of the games simply won’t get released. If I’m going to carry the 3ds around with me, I want it to do the most it can do.