DS #1 sold out and going to second printing

So, what is out there is what’s left… for issue 1 first printing. The #1 foil are still available for order.

The Pulse has 2 exclusive previews for #2.


There should be another 2 pages up at Newsarama when they have it up.

You can also check out the covers at Popcultureshock.com


Go and post in those places to let the public know you like Capcom Comics!!

Congratulations. Thats very impressive.

Well…no wonder I couldn’t find it at my Space Cat! ^^ Hopefullly i’ll get a copy when the second printing shows up! ^^ Congrats to Udon! :slight_smile:

Thanks Time Stop. Coming from you means a lot to me! :slight_smile:

I hope the readership will keep building up and will need all you guys support.

No that we have “done done” the Capcom jobs, you will see some improvements on SF in terms of the art. I know that DS blew everyone away on the artistic side, and we are currently putting more effort in the art for upcoming issues of SF to bring it to a higher level and also bring the schedule back up to speed.

Oh… and Darkstalkers busts? Keep your fingers crossed…

but first, next bust coming… Ak…u… m…

Well, the writing did improve on the present SF arc, which means you guys were listening. You deserve to be praised for that.

I asked Rupps today how DS was doing and he told me that they were selling suprisingly well. Street Fighter and now Darkstalkers are flying off the shelves and extremely popular on the website.

me and my girl just picked up the recent copies of current issues of DS and SF comics. my place had some left but they said they never had the DS foil cover for sale. is this online only? and also how much Udon?

thx and ur comics rock.

that should’ve been the cover for the 1st printing of Darkstalkers…

Very cool; glad I got mine before they were all sold out. Alvin Lee draws a mean Demitri.

Thats great. In midtown comics they had alot of street fighter issue 11 comics and darkstalkers issue 1 comics. I bought both of them and they are good. Darkstalkers art is amazine. Street fighter should have art and blood like darkstalkers. It would rock.

Hey Udoneko, congrats on selling out DS #1.

When is the Power Foil going to be out? I asked my local comic shop and they said they haven’t got it in yet, and it should be out later in December.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Joe Mad! foil cover!


cant wait!! cant wait!!!

wow if the akuma bust looks tizzight i may need to get one even though i already have a statue of him

Nice job, it looks like DarkStalkers will have a good future ahead nice work. Akuma bust??? You told me Ryu was next. TRAITOR! :rofl:

Akuma jumps in, beat the crap out of our sculptor, smashed Ryu, and took his place…

Damn Akuma and his Satsui No Hadou to hell <_< lol

is there gonna be another bust besides akuma?
a Morrigan…I mean a Vega bust would be awesome too :wink:

Man you spent ages attacking for info on the next bust then you immediately ask for the one after next… C’mon man, patience

NEwsarama puts up their piece with more preview pages! go check them out -


those donovan pages …

… are they from issue 2 or are they gonna be a special add in for the second print of the first issue?