Droppers: 3rd Strike vs. DOA

I get dropped on EVERY time I play quick match on 3rd Strike, and I have NEVER had someone drop on quick match on DOA.

It seems that the only way to not get droppers in 3rd Strike is to only play people that you know outside of LIVE. However, I can play just about anyone on LIVE in DOA and I know they won’t drop.

Is this just my personal experience, or does this match up with what everyone else experiences?

the only time i ever get dropped in 3S is when I do a Hyper Bomb or Gigas Breaker, and its the second/final round, and the guy is clearly going to die. Its very rare for me, but it happens.

i dont get dropped on every match, but its only really fun to play live with trusted people. guys like snaaaake, too tall, gadgy, dcept and more wont drop and actually know how to play.

I haven’t played DOA online yet, what is the community like on there.

you can find cool people to play, but there are also jackasses. it seems that people who play fighting games have similar behavior patterns. the online interface is what makes this game good. also, it doesn’t lag to hell like the 2d fighters. hit me up if you ever get it.


We must play. :tup: There rarely any SRK players in this game. :sad:

i try to play at least 10 games a day. i usually play alot on the weekends.

dont have doa anymore… but i didnt know dropping did anything, never seen anyone do it either (in doa).

but like i said in the sf thread, i dont even think twice about someone dropping. to me, waiting till the quit screen is the same thing… i find it funny alot of times too lol, cuz it confirms that i just gave a severe beatin :encore: lol

same, the only bad thing about a drop is having to find a new opponent. but its worth it haha

When the game first came out a lot of SRK people were playing it…but it the game sucks. It’s only fun in small doses

I find DoA really fun and entertaining, and the game doesn’t suck

^^i agree, and even if the game is nooby, it doesent make it bad. the only reason i sold it is bc none of my friends had it… but they all had brothers in arms… now they dont even play that sigh not a good decision. also i didnt find out about this site till after :sad:

add me i play gt under my av

Ahh, DOA, the cleverly disguised age-old game of rock-paper-scissors… :badboy: