Droping 'bos

Hey, was practicing around in training with Cody and i was really getting into his jumping fierce punch (j.HP, i believe is the notation). I was paying attention to how it hits and i noticed two things that i did not know about it.

The first was pretty obvious once i did is that you can crossup with it.

The second sort of goes along those lines and is the reason why i’m even posting. It looks like it may even be one of those ambigious crossups jump ins. It looked pretty ambiguous to me just looking at it, which could really confuse someone receiving pressure, it’d confuse me anyway. As i was trying it there also seemed to be situations where it would crossup but leave you on the original side of your jump in.

I’ve never been avidly invloved with the community here on SRK, i figured i’d start with this. Can you guys confirm or deny the ambiguity of this crossup? Personal experiences with it would be nice too.


This piques my curiosity. Can anybody add to this thread?