Dropbox - Online "flash" drive

Just found this site, it’s very useful imo. If you are a student this will help a lot. I used to carry a flash drive and I’ve lost some but I have dropbox on my laptop and my desktop and all my school files are in one place. It is essentially a folder you can have on any computer you use and can be accessed on any computer with internet, as well as your iPhone. When you download the program, it puts a folder anywhere you want it and you just save files to it, or drag and drop and it gets automatically uploaded to the online folder and you have access to it just like any file on your computer.

Here is a video of it in action:

Sign up through my referral and we both get an extra 250MB! (free acct is 2gb, refer friends for up to 8gb, there is also a paid version)

I don’t know if that’s a spam bot, but I’ve used Dropbox for a year or so and it’s pretty great. Some of my friends and I bought a shared folder, I think we got 50gb, so we basically have a virtual hard drive we can share. It’s pretty awesome and very easy to use. It can also be accessed through Lynx (the command line web browser), I had problems turning in homework for a class last semester because I couldn’t put files on my professor’s server through GMail and Dropbox was great for that.

So uh, sorry if I’m bumping the spam bot but Dropbox is pretty awesome and you should try it.

Agreed, dropbox is incredibly useful. I use it to sync homework/project files between my laptop and desktop so I can work on them without having to constantly email myself or bust out the flash drive all the time. You can also use it to do the same thing as steam cloud, syncing save files for games between several computers.

I stopped using Dropbox the moment it was attacked by a group of hackers and they uploaded malware to the site’s servers. I’m sure they fixed and its more secure now, but since that happen I lost trust with the concept of dropbox.

So just emailing work to yourself is old fashioned?

i love e-mailing myself

It is when you’re constantly working on several different projects in multiple locations.

I’m not a bot lol. It’s a really good service, especially for college students. Figure I’d share and get me more space and people who sign up more space.

Quick Question. If I want to direct something to Dropbox as in like I am browsing, where do I find it? I can’t find dropbox in program files or anything.

Yeah 90% of people can just do this because their school work is all word documents.

I’ll use dropbox once the portable version of their app works.

Do you mean the program itself or the folder?

I suppose. I do design work so I have a lot of psd/ai/indd files. I also work with people so I just share the folder with them and it’s easy. If anything, it is a good backup for files, and saving a file to a folder on your computer is a lot more convenient than emailing a file to yourself.

The folder itself so I can point paths to it. Probably not possible.

This. I am working on game development and my development folder is at half a gig right now. Kinda hard to email that.

It depends on where you put it. Default is in your Documents folder I’m pretty sure. like …/Documents/My Dropbox/ should be the path. If you right click the tray icon, you can go into preferences and change where it is.

If you have larger files this is a great system. Most people won’t get their money’s worth when using word documents or small presentations/pictures. Buy a few USB drives and back up your stuff there. I have all of my important documents (school, work, important pictures, music I’ve written, etc) saved on 3 USB drives as well as my computer. 2 are left at my place, 1 at my parents’ home. Basically, the only way to lose my stuff is if my computer explodes, one house burns down, and the other is taken over by zombies. All the conveniences of Dropbox, fraction of the price.

You don’t have to pay. Their basic is free for 2gb and you refer people you get 250mb per person you refer (they also get an extra 250mb if they sign up through referall) up to 8gigs. I also keep files on a thumb drive as well but I forget my thumb drive at home at times or have flat out lost them. I don’t see why you’re so against this lol?

A so you’re really after that free 6 extra gigs. XP

Cool site though I’ll def sign up.