Dropbox (2GB free storage)

If you know about Dropbox already, you probably have it so don’t bother with this thread.

To anyone else, it is a very useful application that installs a very small program that monitors a folder named ‘My Dropbox’ which will act just like a regular folder, only it will sync any files to dropbox.com and also automatically sync the files to any other computers you install dropbox on. You can also access your files from smartphone apps.

Some features:
-2GB free space
-Lan sync (syncs files across LAN if possible to conserve bandwidth)
-Syncs only changed part of files, does not re-upload the entire file if you make a change
-Stores a history of previous versions on the web interface
-Ability to share and create public links
-Supports linux and mac too
-Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry

Anyways, if you sign up using one of the following links instead of going directly to dropbox.com, I get an extra 250mb storage…and so do you! Win.


This service is much better than others like box.net who only give 1gb space, restrict file sizes to under 25mb, and don’t listen to the community and update regularly like dropbox does.

Searching is not a good skill of SRK members.


yea but that thread doesn’t have his referral code embedded in it so if you upgrade to pro he doesn’t get $50

That’s enough for me.