Driving to vegas today

sup peeps, if anyone else is crazy like me and driving to vegas good luck.

I am driving but I only have a 4.5 hour drive.

Damn will this dude even make it?.. even if he did pre-reg so he has to be tehre at 9am on friday… he’s just not gonna make it unless he doesn’t get pulled over doin 100+ all th way… which i don’t recommend.

And with the cost of gas now that (by himself) will add up to a plane ticket… depending what he’s driving.


WOWZERS!!! That’s an ass long drive! Gool luck man, don’t get peaced out on the way there. (shoulda flew…)

yeah…I’m driving but that’s a much longer drive than I’ve got…I’m in the bay area, and it’s only gonna take me 6-8 hours…

im driving with another person, so the driving will be continuous all the way with as little stops. beside, ive made it from arizona to ny in just under 2 days. all costs are split too so gas isn’t as much as you’d think. anyways, leaving in an hour see you all there.

Nice… GL

if you make it, im gonna shake your hand, you will be my fucking role model forever.

just in case anyone cares, which i dont think they do. i made it to vegas at 730 friday morning, in time to get into evo tourny pool. it took exactly 38 hours to drive there from long island. i will only do that drive again if i have more time, cause it was a bitch and a half to do. but well worth it.

Good gawd, glad to see you made it back safe!