Driver Issues with Soul Calibur 5 Soul Edition 360 version

I just recently got this stick and I’m having difficulties installing the drivers. When I plug it in it tells me the drivers were unable to install. In device manager it detects it as SoulCalibur V FIghtStick TE. I’ve tried manually installing the drivers from device manager but it doesn’t display any compatible drivers. I’ve also tried reinstalling the drivers on Microsoft’s site multiple times but that hasn’t been working either. I also have a standard 360 controller and I’m able to plug and play it with ease. I tested to see if it would detect any compatible drivers for my controller in device manager and it didn’t which I thought was odd but was able to function with no issue otherwise.

I also plugged it into my laptop which is about 2 years old and the drivers were able to install without any problems where it sees the stick as a 360 controller. It was also able to display all compatible drivers.

Both my computer and laptop are running Windows 7 64bit

Is it that they don’t work in game? Have you tried going into the game controller properties? If so, you should be able to go into the settings where you can test the joystick and buttons.

My 3 Mad Catz Fightsticks (SCV, TTT2, SFIV Rd 1) for XBox360 all detect fine in Win8 x64, but they show up in my devices tab as their respective Mad Catz devices, not an “XBox360 Controller”. If it properly identifies itself, and you can see the buttons work properly in the game controller settings, then you shouldn’t have a problem.

If it showed up in your device manager as an “Unknown Device”, then I’d be worried.

In either case, I still have Windows 7 set up on my MacBook Pro via BootCamp, so I can plug my SCV stick in when I get home and see what it gives me.

OK, it works in Windows 7. Open up “Devices and Printers”, and you should see the “SoulCalibur V Fightstick TE”. Right-click on it, select Properties, and select the Hardware tab. Under device functions, you should see the following:

HID-compliant controller
USB Input Device
XBOX 360 Controller for Windows

If you see this, you should be good. If not, go to the Device Manager, look for the stick, right-click, and select “Update Driver Software…”. Instead of selecting “Automatically look for driver”, select “Browse my computer…”. Go through the wizard, and on one of the pages, you should see the XBOX 360 Controller for Windows. It will install, and you should be good.

If you look in the device manager, and you already see “Microsoft Common Controller for Windows” with “XBOX 360 Controller for Windows” already listed under it, you should be good.

One thing to note… The light on the guide ring will not light up until you load up a game that supports XBox360 controllers.

I had to install the driver, and once I did, I installed Steam on my machine, installed my SkullGirls Beta, and it worked. The LED on the guide ring also lit up when the game detected it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response

When I check the hardware tab it only says “SoulCalibur V FightStick TE” under device functions.

In Device Manager it’s under “Other devices.”

I did go through the wizard and in the box it only says (Unable to find any drivers for this device).

I think something’s up with my computer because for some reason it gives me that same text in the wizard for every device in device manager.