Driven to Street Fight (SF IV Tournament) - Edmonton, AB, Canada 06/6/09

What: Street Fighter IV Tournament at the Driven Car show
When is it: Saturday June 6th 2009 @ 1 PM
Where is it at: Mayfield Trade Center,
16615 - 109th Avenue loc: Alberta T5P 4K8, Canada Map

The guaranteed prize titles announced at this point:

  • 1st Place - $300
  • 2nd - $150
  • 3rd - $50

Prizes may also be awarded to the above.

Tournament will be double elimanation !

Other tournaments prizes will be awarded based on participation

  • Calgary Versus Edmonton
  • Girls Tournament

Prizes include Gift Certificates from Sponsors, Street Fighter Items and general prizes.

Registration is $10 on top of the $15 Driven Ticket at the door

Looking forward to it.

WTF @ Girls Tournament.

Not my idea, but I guess I’ll train up my girl for this one haha. She’ll prolly do better in the girl tournament than I will in the main tournament…

fuck you chun-li!

sounds like fun

Sounds like fun but I am still new here and like in Calgary so I don’t know how hard it is to get there. What console is the tournament held in? Might train my sister for the girls tournament expecting the same results as Shiro_420.


3 hour drive… u can make it! organize a carpool in the calgary thread

I think if we get enough calgary players coming down e should do a 5 vs 5 round robin for the edmonton vs calgary

anyone have a sugetion

Wow, an actual Edmonton Tourney. Sounds like fun.

We’ve been trying to keep active. there’s been a few house tournaments and we had a major tournament a few months ago. Make sure to check out the Edmonton thread here on SRK and the site.


Are sticks going to be provided for this?

There will be one for sure lol. It’s better if you bring your own…

so how do you know if youre in the tourney? cause ive registered and didnt really get an email… so do you just assume and go?

Does our $10 registration fee go towards an additional prize pool?

Don’t worry your in the tournament

Nope, if there are 16 or 64 entries it wont effect the over all prizes. First will still get $300 in cash plus prizes.