Drilling TE Door?

Curious if anyones tried drilling a neutrik port through a Madcatz TE cable door? I’m afraid it might be too brittle and just crack. I currently have a neutrik inside the door but it’s a bit annoying to get to when plugging in. Because of real estate I can’t think of anywhere else to put it.


I saw some guy on YouTube do it a while back. I can’t seem to find the video now so maybe he finally realized it was a bad idea? I like going all out with my Neutrik connections by getting those ruggedized connectors and you don’t want anything hanging by a hinge.

But why do you need the door at all? Seems like you already have the Neutrik in the best place, and that compartment’s not storing cables anymore. And the little push-lock mechanism will break eventually. Seems like you could just rip the door out and maybe you’d have a little handle. And without the door in the way you can have room for those ruggedized connectors.

I seen people take out the Select button and install their neutrik port there.

Lol I thought about that but I’d rather keep things clean and leave the door on if possible. I suppose I could try drilling it and if all else fails I’ll just remove the door.

Yeah I thought about that too but I’d rather keep the select start and home intact, mostly because training modes sometimes need it and what not.

you can re-wire the turbo button to be the select button, but it depends on which PCB you’re using… if it’s the stock madcatz ps3 pcb you can’t… but anything that’s not it, you could re-wire it :slight_smile:

Edit: It’s not that you can’t , but it’s harder (cutting pcb traces and stuff)


Don’t know how well this guy’s door is holding up, but it is possible

It’ll definitely work, I recently drilled a hole through my TE last month for a MC Cthulhu install. I removed the cable compartment and drilled with a hole saw, started slow and then up to mid speed. I choose to drill where the cord feeds through, wasn’t perfect and managed to screw down the Neutrik sideways.

Actually what I did to a Hrap V4 is remove the cable compartment door, epoxy a sheet of black ABS plastic into place and had that drilled for a neutrik port


Update: So I went for it and it seems to be holding up alright. I also glued the door shut to hopefully make it a bit more sturdy lol


Your image link is borked, by otherwise good work.