Dremel Plunge Router

as anyone tried or got one of thoses things? Dremel Plunge Router
I have a Dremel well Clarkes, they are the same just different names, anyway i was looking at getting a router but then come across this attachment for the dremel and wondered if they were a good thing or a bad thing?

I’ve had the plunge router attachment and still have the router table accessory. They both have a lot of play in it as in they don’t hold the dremel well. I wouldn’t even use it in pine. I think if your medium is balsa then they work fine. You are better off getting a laminate trim router if you want to do some minor router work.

Even a $20 harbor freight laminate trimmer would work better than the dremel router attachments.
In fact, the HF laminate trimmer is considered one of the HF gems I believe.

I agree on the HF laminate router. I have one and it works far better than the dremel. Can’t beat it at 20 bucks.

Dremel’s router attachment is awful. It flexes really bad so accuracy is pretty difficult to get down.

thanks for the heads up, just ordered a Trend T4 Router

Trend’s a good brand. A standard in the UK.