DreamLab's 14th day of Xmas SF4 Singles Results

On behalf of James and DreamLab, thank you to everybody who showed. There was a good turnout with a large amount of great players who came hungry, even from Arizona and beyond. Everyone played fine games and the tourney ran quite smoothly.

So for full results:

1st: Justin Wong
2nd: Combofiend
3rd: Keno
4th: UTJ
5th: KillerKai
5th: ComboJack
7th: Slick626
7th: Mike Ross

9 Kai
9 Vicious
9 Joe Dubbs
9 Bryant the Tyrant
13 Ken I
13 RM
13 DJ Vest
13 Vic the Slik is Pimpin
17 Clakey D
17 BlockBuster Jon
17 Frank
17 Fuson909
17 Stellumz
17 BMarq
17 DJ Divine
17 Cursive Q
25 Renixe
25 Nocturnal
25 Plush
25 LV
25 DSO
25 Tingboy
25 Filthy Sal
25 Infinitism
33 Number 9
33 A1 Sauce
33 Hawaiian punch
33 Steve C
33 Wonder Chef
33 McLovin

Quick shout outs to:

-The GYT crew for coming through with an excellent stream
-Kai for the proper work on setting up brackets
-Warren for helping me run the brackets
-DreamLab and James for allowing us to host this event
-And again, everybody who showed up to play

I may post more once I get some sleep. Any suggestions or comments regarding future tourneys would be much appreciated.

Ken, again, I’m sorry I stole your coke.

i like to say gg’s to justin wong, keno, clakey D and everone else i played… so till next time and dreamlab is the spot people…

ok you too blockbuster jon…gg’s

GS vest on being the only person to beat jwong in a match. :tup:

no gg to me vest? alrite bro I see how it is… lol

GG to everyone I played.

Clark, Joe Dubbs (thanks for the gief practice), Fuson 909 (thanks for the Guile practice), UTJ, Warren, Renix, DJ vest, McLovin (keep practicing that Balrog), BMARQ, Slick 626, Ken I, and Kevin.

nice meetin Aj, Kara, and Justin Wong

And to everyone who came today please try to make it to our casuals on tuesday.

good shit utj, nice seeing your name high up in results again.

Good shit everyone!

Tournament was cute <3~!!!

L4D2 side tourney!!

Thank you BMarq for the drink. You are a scholar and a gentleman. You are a master-baiter.

Thank you shoo.

GGS to all the players at dream lab,
blockbuster Jon, your a chill dude
Christian, those were the funnest matches I’ve ever had
slick626, I’m sure you would have a chance in beating me, well play more til you get the matchup, it’s fun playing you too
Joe dubbs, you’re always my homie dude, sucks it always turns out the way it did.
Killer kai, ggs man, it’s been an honor
combofiend, ggs, you proved the power of Abel
keno, lol. I got scraped

and to dream lab, I swear when I play there, I have the funnest time. Dream lab should be the home of socal casual players. So many setups, the Hanns g monitors have less lag than the other monitors, and the vizios aren’t even that bad. I’ll be back every casual night. Thank the owner so much for putting effort in making a great place for casuals.

wish i couldve came to this :frowning: got back that night from vegas so couldnt make it. next time! hopefully…

You give props to blockbust “Mexico City” Jon and not to me? QQ~~~

you’re the kyuutest~~! ^^

check it again now jon I fixed it :lovin:

Oh and of course you clakey d, you’re akuma is so solid. We need to play more games. I’m sure you’ll destroy me with seth hands down.

I want to say thank you to James of DreamLab for being a gracious host! Thanks for all the commentators and people who helped out with the stream: VictheSlik, KillerKai, Mike Ross, Combofiend, ChaiTai, Justin Wong, DJ Vest, Kara and anyone else I missed!

I am creating clips of Top 8 and interesting matches as we speak. They will be posted over at justin.tv/gytnews

Congrats Justin

cant wait to see the vids… :pray:

could i see my vid? gotta work on rufus matches…

got your message aj… i’ll wait and once again good job and thank you

Good times guys. Once again, I am forever cursed to be 5th place at Dreamlab every time i enter a tournament. Hope to see everyone again next time around. And remember:
Don’t be a dick, or prepare to deal with ChaiThai’s. Donate