dreamcast stick

anyone interested in dreamcast arcade stick i have one for sale on ebay… here is the link Joy Stick Dreamcast - Great For Marvel vs Capcom - eBay (item 170601581004 end time Feb-16-11 19:56:50 PST). if you have any questions let me know =)

Sigh, go to trading outlet and sell, not tech talk…
Same issue with the last guy with his thread locked in here, you’re still not 6 months a member so you can’t sell anything on SRK yet.

Good luck on the sale though, not a lot of people will probably bid on something where the seller has 0 rep. I find it ironic that it’s most of the time the people with good rep doing the subtle scamming :frowning:

Pro tip, add Agetec in there. It’ll help people who are actually looking for this stick find it.

$85 buy out for an agetec doesnt look reasonable.

noob feedback is going to hurt the sale(unless it’s a noob who’s buying).

Zero Feedback score is not going to help ether. At least he started the opening bid low.

But yeah everyone right, do not try to trade in the tech talk board, you need to head to the trading outlet

You also need a minimum 50 post count (do not spam to get this count) and be a member of the forum for at least 6 months