Dreamcast SF3III graphics questions

Hey guys, just got SFIII for the DC, but unfortunately I’m a little let down by the blurry video filter put over the sprites. I searched but can’t find a way to have them look the way they should - I tried holding start and the L button at start but that just makes it look worse. By the way, when I pause the game, the sprites appear to look as they should, but in-game they look like water paintings.

VGA hookup.

BTW, the picture is crystal clear, but the sprites have a painted sort of look to them when they’re in motion. When they’re still (usually only when paused) they look like they should (i.e., you can see the ‘blocks/pixels’). This is the same for MVC2, Fatal Fury, etc. every 2d fighting game I’ve tried to play.

This. :wgrin:
I miss my Dreamcast…:sad:

Thanks for the response but are you guys sure? The picture looks great, it’s just that the 2d sprites have what looks like a Photoshop filter on them. Why would VGA hookup have anything to do with that?

I had the same issue when I got 3S on Dreamcast. VGA doesn’t help. I read somewhere that holding a combination of buttons on boot changes the filter, but never got it to work.

It’s pretty annoying.

3S on Dreamcast looks pretty awful on a monitor because the sprites were downscaled for some reason. There are different resolution settings to choose from (I forgot how to choose them but any site like Gamefaqs should tell you), but none of them fix the image quality. Double Impact on the other hand looks pixel-perfect.

you forget to mention what kind of Display your are using. LCD Monitor, LCD HDTV, or CRT. Most likely you are using an HDTV. If you don’t have a game mode on your HDTV to turn off post processing then you are pretty much boned.

Dreamcast runs 640 X 480 resolution standard if I remember correctly. That’s close to TV broadcast standard (720 X 480, but very few if any people picked up programs televised at this resolution back in the day).

Previous-generation console (Saturn, PS1) AND arcade hardware (Capcom CPS-2) ran something like 300 X 200 if I’m not mistaken. That’s roughly VHS quality.

One of the problems with doing arcade ports for the DC was the native resolution. You just could not run the machine lower than 640 X 480 so some fudging of graphics had to be done. This resulted in problems ranging from slightly resized graphics (Street Fighter Alpha 3) to slightly dithered, color-drained games (Vampire Chronicles). Capcom eventually used a graphics filter for the DC port of Super Street Fighter IIX (aka Super Street Fighter II Turbo) to take care of these problems on the DC.

Games that were developed with the DC hardware in mind were graphically ahead of the other consoles until the early issues with the PS2 were ironed out…

The arcade version was running 224 something and to get anywhere near that, you’re gonna have to run the av/s-video/scart hookup and use the startup code for scanlines, otherwise it’s going to interlace at that botched 480i mode.

If you try VGA, it’s pure upscaled 480 which doesn’t exactly scale right and you don’t have any filtering. I strongly suggest to stay away from it.