Dreamcast S-video (no colors?)

I recently bought a s-video cord for dreamcast. However when I set it up I am only getting the image in grey. Any ideas on why its doing this and if there is any way to fix it?

Did you also plug in the yellow RCA cable? S-Video only carries black and white information, all of the color is on the yellow RCA cable.

Sounds like you’re trying to play an NTSC game on a TV that can only do PAL or vice versa.

And no, you definitely do not need a composite video cable plugged in simultaneously with S-video.

sounds like the cable is busted or the chroma pin is bent. Which is odd, usually cable failure is no picture…

WTF are you smoking? S-Video sure as shit carries color information. Like Taiki said, theres two wires carrying info: chroma (color) and luma (brightness).

Giza, if the game plays fine via the yellow RCA cable (by itself), then its not a PAL/NTSC problem. Either you bent a pin of the S-Video connector, or there is a problem with it somewhere. Only thing you can do for sure is to test the cable on other DC’s and other TV’s, to see if you can narrow the problem down to the somewhere in the box, somewhere in the TV, or somewhere in the DC.

My Panasonic TV has S-Video and RCA on the same line. If you want to use S-video nothing can be plugged into the RCA video jack.

I only share this because if I plug a console into s-video and have a wire plugged into the RCA video port (even if the other end of the wire isn’t plugged into anything) it usually makes the screen turn black and white and it causes some vertical shaking.

I concede. I guess was confused during my last readup of different video signals.

I still haven’t been able to fix the problem. I have tested it on other DCs and its still grey and shaky. I will try it on other tvs when I get the chance. But if it doesn’t work, oh well, no big deal.

GosBroDansFan, that sounds like what happens to me. Except I don’t have anything in the RCA video.

I don’t know how, but could the DC for some reason not realize s-video is plugged in? And, let me ask the stupid question, have you tried unplugging everything and plugging it back in?

Holy shit. Now even when the RCA video is fucking up on the thing too… the DC title comes in color but afterwards it all fucks up and goes greyscale and high contrast. I can avoid this by going to the Dreamcast menu screen instead of going to the game right away. But… wtf is going on? (btw, the dreamcast still works fine with my normal RCA cords)


My tv has two video settings, AV and AV-S. AV displays colour image and AV-S displays black and white.