Dreamcast package


I’ll pay extra for the Double Impact if you’re willing to sell it seperately.

where in the bay area?

sorry but i’m only looking to sell as a package. there’s one on ebay though for pretty cheap right now. seller looks reliable but it’s on you if you want to bid on it.


danville. about 20-25 minutes from vallejo down 680.

Thanks, bought one in mint condition of ebay for about the same price.

That stuff is SERIOUSLY overpriced. Good luck with your sale but I doubt you’ll find someone here.

yeah it’s overpriced considering most heads here probably use backups but if you’re a newbie starting out and want an instant dreamcast collection of some the best o.g. u.s. version fighting games the dreamcast had to offer then it might seem like a something worth pursuing.

i basically gauged pricing comparable to what i’ve seen on ebay. most of these games are cheaper if you get the jp import version but american versions are pretty much comparable to what i listed as far as what auctions end at or buy it nows are.

but yeah i’m just gauging interest more than anything and if i get lucky and sell it than i get lucky, if not then oh well.

EVO 2k4?

i was wondering about the converters…how is it? do they lag in terms of response?

evo2k4 discs are an added bonus included with the package.

in terms of lag of the converters, i haven’t noticed any. if there is a way to check for sure though (small frame combo in any game you want me to try, etc.) i can test it to make sure.

you can’t plug vmu’s into the converters though and will have to plug one of the dreamcast pads with vmu inserted to one of the empty ports to use any of the saves.

and what’s that spindle of cd-rs?