dreamcast fighting games

for the last 5 or so years i have failed to realise that the dreamcast actually has some really good fighting games. anyway i would like some suggestions of good fighting games. currently im playing mvc2… i havnt stopped playing it for the last 3-4 years lool:sweat: . thanks in advance people.

KOF 98

3S on DC isn’t as good as the PS2/Xbox versions.

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Tech Romancer
Project Justice

Any KoF you can find on it

That should keep you good for a couple years.

KOF 98

no one’s mentioned jojo’s bizarre adventure.

Dude get soul Calibur, Streeet Fighter Alpha 3, Street Fighter 2X, and there are a lot of fighting game for DC I later tell you wich ones. I have a lot of DC games (original)

Alpha 3 on DC? :wtf:

Powerstone 2 and GGX. Fighting games are the only reason my DC is still plugged in.

Double Impact.

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vampire chronicles (darkstalkers collection)

The Dreamcast has a lot of great “lesser - known” fighters - it fell in that period where Capcom was still being creative with fighters, and trying new and crazy things. I second the mentions of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Tech Romancer, Project Justice and both Power Stones, as well as the SNK titles like Last Blade 2, Mark of the Wolves, and of course all the KOFs between 98 and 2002 inclusive. I don’t think Marvel vs. Capcom 1 was mentioned, but that might be worth your time as well.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet is Psychic Force 2012, which everyone should play at least once, as it’s pretty unique while still being 2-D.

must say (again) that that 4 player option on the dreamcast MVC (‘crossover maddness’ or whatever it was called) was the most fun I have ever had ever playing fighting games.
if you got 3 friends who are competent in fighters (and 4 controllers more importantly), check it out

Fighting games was probably the only reason I got a Dreamcast in the first place. I remember a lot of these titles. I think Mortal Kombat Gold was on this too, but nobody really cared about it.

long live the dreamcast

Is Garou worth playing on the DC? Arcade perfect and whatnot?

The import PS2 version has been said to be better

The DC Garou version isn’t a bad port it is just that it has a few issues that aren’t related to the arcade version. There are sound delay problems when the characters make any sound, the speed is a bit faster than the arcade version and there are missing frames on certain specials from what people say. Also Terry train stage I would never pick on the DC version because it really lags up on that stage for some strange reason. Besides those things the DC version is pretty intact with the arcade as far as combos and properties go. The PS2 version has a few little issues but overall it is a lot better than the DC port. The Ps2 is import onlly at the moment but if you really want it for PS2 then go for it.

Come on ya’ll…PLASMA SWORD!! :bluu: