Dreamcast Controllers for $15 on ThinkGeek

Edit: Sorry guys, deal looks to be just for a controller. My bad.

Might be a good replacement if yours has died or you just want a backup. Dunno how long the deal will last.

See the ‘Choice: Extra Controller’ there? If I remember right, they had a drop down box there originally, with the choices of the system for $99 and extra controllers for the $15 its showing now.

In other words, I think they are out of the consoles, and the $15 item offered there is just for DC pads.

Why did you ruin my anticipation hoping that the dreamcast would be 15 dollars? -_-

Toodles is right. If you even add it to your cart it’s just a controller.

Really? It says “Original Sega Dreamcast Console” in my cart…hmmm, but I suppose I’d probably trust Toodles on this one.

Edit: nvm, I see what you mean now.

:annoy:Damn! For about 30 seconds there I was picturing myself with 10 Dreamcast’s:encore:. I already have 2. One is black Sega Sports!

it was the all thing with console and cables controller for 15 dollars now sold out.

For the sake of anyone who saw this and ordered some, I hope you’re right. But I doubt it. Google ‘thinkgeek dreamcast’ and hit the ‘Cached’ button.

I think I’m right on this on though. If its any consolation, I’ll feel bad for not ordering 10 myself if I’m wrong.

OP link shows whole bundle for 15 dollars and urs toodles shows different one about the white console and extra controller 99 for DC console and extra 15 dollars for controller.

Here is the link i got my deal from and other ppl too from this site that talks about the deal.

The point is that the cached link shows “White Dreamcast” for $99 and “Extra Controller” for $14.99, whereas the page now shows ONLY “Extra Controller” and the price is $14.99.

But we’ll see in the end for those who stick with their orders I suppose. The wording was just REALLY bad.

if that is true lot of ppl will get angry and pissed. When i added the item to my cart it said console with cables etc.

O well have to wait and see.