Dreamcast CDs

I guess this would fit in the tech section… Well anyway, recently, I bought Soul Calibur 1, PowerStone, MvC1, and Dynamite Cop for the Dreamcast all from my local fleamarket for two dollars each. The games were used, and Dynamite Cop and MvC1 play flawlessly. However, Soul Calibur runs fine until arcade mode meets Maxi, once that happens, the game freezes (probably due to a scratch on the soundtrack/stage part of the disc) PowerStone won’t even start up. I’m curious, what are some excellent methods to fix scratched discs? I don’t really wanna buy a 15 dollar disc cleaner, but heck if it does the trick why not, these are classic games I’d love to play. But anyways, what are some awesome methods of cleaning Dreamcast discs?

toothpaste always works for my ps2 sega saturn and ps1 games. the plain kind.

Yeah, I heard about that before, how should I go about that process? With a cotton swab or let it dry? Wet it?

i put it on the cd smear it around then take a wet tissue and clean it.

Yeah, wet the CD. Then put some tothpaste on a soft towel and apply it straight from the center to the edge. When you’ve covered the whole CD, let it dry for 2-3 mins. Then clear the tothpaste puting the CD under the water again and then dry it very well.

Anyway, as soon as your CD starts working, clone it to another CD because it’s no longer a safe media.

edit: I mean, let it dry and put some tissue over the CD so the big drops will get caught by the tissue.

Hang on, are they originals or fakes (ie pirated versions)?

If they’re originals, use a very gentle polish, toothpaste is good as already been suggested, or if you need something slightly more abrasive, use Braso, which is a metal polish, works wonders on plastic.

If they’re copies, than most probably the disc is stuffed. Copies can and do die over time.

Nah they’re real, like heck if I’d pay two bucks for some copies :looney:

I’ll have to try the toothpaste, but Kabal, what do you mean its no longer a safe media?

I’d say he thought they were copies. Not being safe means that you can’t trust the media anymore and that you should get the data off it while you have the chance.

Ah, I thought he meant it could damage the Dreamcast, or something.

It is impossible by all means to copy an original game for the dreamcast because you and anyone else don’t have the necessary hardware & software for the job only a few selected people with the right hardware and software can do this, since you have lost your 2 bucks anyway, try the toothpaste method. If the CD works well for sometime then stopped working, you have to forget about it forever.

I think there is specific machines for cleaning scratched discs and restore them to their original condition, well you can’t buy one because it is too expensive but buy you can buy the service, try searching for them.

My local EB has one of these machines… Something like 2 bucks per CD that needs to be buffed.

I clean mine with alcohol and a cotton ball. I always do that to some games that my friends don’t want because they are scratch, they always work after I clean them with alcohol.


Okay, the proper equipment to rip DC discs is a DC coder’s cable, and that can be built or purchased inexpensively. Also, DC rippers are available freely on the internet in ISO form.

It’ll just take forever over RS232.

Is it scratched on the bottom of the disk or the top? Cause if its the top then its trash cause thats where the data is. If any piece of that is gone then you’re screwed.

Just download the games and burn them. You own original copies so you can do so without feeling any guilt if you’re against that sort of thing. You don’t need any boot discs or mod chips to play burned games on a dreamcast.

Yeah that’s true. It just feels… so lame. I dunno. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a two dollar deal and hoped they would all work. At least MvC and Dynamite Cop play fine =P

^ Thats what you get from buying stuff from the flea market in New Haven lol

Nah not New Haven. North Haven, lol. Even smaaaller.

I’ve always wanted to go to the New Haven fleamarket but the one weekend I decided to, they had some random bike rally going through the entire city.