Dreamcast AV cable?

Wow, christmas is complicated :rofl:

Okay, I ordered a Dreamcast from amazon. I also received a AV cable. It is a Interact Strero AV Cable. I had my Dreamcast ready and set up with the AV cables the only thing I needed to put in. They dont fit :sad:

So plain and simple, is there anyone who knows which AV cable I could get, and a link of where to get it? Or is there a system that has a AV cable that will work for the Dreamcast?

Thanks in advance for all who help!

Go to a local gamestop and pick up a 3 in 1 with s-video. It should hookup to a Dreamcast/PS2/Gamecube.

we dont carry those anymore. well, at least mine doesnt.

their all PSX/PS2/Gamecube/N64/Xbox now. :confused:

Here’s another option.

oh snap. I want:wgrin:

So sorry, I’m kinda out of console loop. =(