Dream Arcades Xbox 360 Fight Stick Takes SFIV Wireless

Hope I don’t get flamed!!!

Looks like their will be a new fight stick on the block for the 360 pretty soon. I don’t know what parts it comes with or anything like that. I was just thumbing through gizmodo and found this article. Here is the link to the article and to Dream Arcades (which, actually, makes no mention of this product:nunchuck: ) Enjoy!

Gizmodo http://i.gizmodo.com/5195905/dream-arcades-xbox-360-fight-stick-takes-sfiv-wireless

Dream Machines - http://dreamarcades.com/index.shtml

looks like a wireless arcade in a box clone.

Looks meh, at best.

I gotta say my first stick looked better than that guy…and my first stick was terrible looking :smiley: