Draigs Request Thread!











** .:[ TMT - Juggernaut ]:.

.:[ LiQuiD_DraGoN - Silver Samurai ]:.

.:[ Cire - Captain Commando]:.

.:[ Ryumexicano - Terry ]:.

.:[ DarkLordTenchi - Blue Graphic ]:.

.:[ TheShiz 21 - Blanka ]:.

.:[ Gerjay_2001 - Cyclops ]:.

.:[ Aspen - Magneto ]:.

.:[ STEZO_1 - Magneto ]:.

.:[ LiquiTed - Morrigan ]:.

.:[ DragonManStatus - Magneto ]:.**


Doesnt anyone want an av?

Come on, im bored and ill do a good job.

since your my friend i’ll request from ya

can i get an avatar for here using this pic, it can be anyway you want, any color you want i don’t care… you have total creative control :smiley:


it better be good or else shakes fist …now get to work foo!


[EDIT] and if you can’t see it i sent it to you over aim so no excuse this time :stuck_out_tongue:

hahah… excuse?

alrite… ill work on it now.

ive done it, and it looks pretty good (from what you said you liked).

but iownjoo is down so i cant upload it >_<

hit me up tomorrow and ill give it to you… ill change stuff if you want :slight_smile:

Hey Draig, I was wondering if you would be so kind to make me an avatar, since I have no clue how to do one. The avatar I request is basically the same as my current avatar. I requested already in another thread, but the guy there seems to be away or something. It’s been like more than a week and no answer from him. No offense to him. If you can do it, it’s cool.

I would like it with a picture of Terry , or Ken if you can. For the background I would like the colors Green, White, Red (MExican flag colors) and with my name on it (Ryumexicano written in green, red, and white (mexican flag). Thanks in advance. If you can do it, it’s cool, and if you can’t that’s cool too…

I’ll provide you with a picture, see if it’s helpful.

Here is another picture. See if you can use it! Use which ever you like best. I don’t care at all.


THanks in advance.

By the way, TMT did the one I have right now.

SOrry. Wrong picture!!!here is the other picture!

i dont mean to be rude ryumexi…but you requested an avatar on seojis request thread. before you request another you should make sure if hes doing it now or has finished it. if not you should cancel your request. not trying to be mean dude

You are right man. No problem with that. I’ll sure pm him right now to know what’s going on… Because the thread is dying right there and so I thought why not request somewhere else. I don’t think he is doing my avatar, but i’ll just pm him…Thanks for that “advice” no problem.


TMT - done… pick up first post :slight_smile:

ryumexicano - ill put your on hold until you sort that stuff out with SeoJi.

Well since you’re my friend too… I’ll request :smiley:

Make an av using the pic attached. Do whatever you want :stuck_out_tongue:

Put “Z3RO” instead of “LiQuiD_DraGoN” though… :slight_smile:

props Draig. i see you’re getting better.

jeff - ill do it now

orange - thanks, that means alot to me :slight_smile:

I PMed Seoji, but no answer from him. I don’t he’s on the Internet… I’ll wait more and see what happens. Certainly, I don’t wanna be an avatar wHORE…

That’s just my opinion.

Thanks in advance.



LiQuiD_DraGoN - done and done.

Ryumexicano - id enjoy doing that av… but ill wait for SeoJi’s ok on it…

No problema man. I understand. Peace out!


anymore requests anyone?

I was wondering if u can make a Cable Av for my friend. His Srk name is Cire. No specific details except having his name on it. oh having capcom in the back might be cool too. he plays cable/cap teams.

Thienhavodich - yep, i can do that… ill do it as soon as i can. (im moving tomorrow).

if im lucky ill get it finished tonight.