Draigs Request Thread V3















- DragonGod - Magneto -


yo draig i want a black and purple magnus with mad powers swirling from his hands and have it say dragon in the corder and team decepticons in the other corner and have decepticon sign spinning but if you don’t like animation just leave that part out.

ummmm, i guess ill do that… but you never use avatars people make you, so why should i bother?

he has a point.:stuck_out_tongue:
it’d be a waste of time…

DragonGod is the definition of av whore

I know XP

anyways, people… you can request if you want XD

well is the point of avatar makers really to have them used or to have their skills pushed by people who want to see good work. I like avatars simply to admire the work and artisticness put into it. Even though i don’t use the avs all the time i save them always look to them to get great ideas on how to color and do other things in photoshop. I really just like to see skill. usually i ask questions too because i am soo interested in knowing how you guys do those cool effects. But if you really won’t make me one cause i might not use it then i will use it. I really just want to see what you make with my request.

well the point of a “REQUEST THREAD” is to request an avatar from someone who you admire their work and then wear it

whats the point of someone making you an avatar if only you are going to look at it

If you admire them so much, why not wear them?

that is a good point. But that is what most other art is for simply to look at but if the points of avatars is to wear them then i will.

draig can you use this mag pic it doesn’t have to be animated thanx.

i guess so… ill try and have it done tonight…

DragonGod - done… im not too happy with it but oh well… i cant make them all my best, pickup on first page

keep up the great work, bro.

hey draig is it possible for u to make me a testament avatar with this pic and just cool colours and my name twitch

@jeff - thanks man :slight_smile:

@twitch - sure… ill see what i can do

Pickup for twitch… first page man, hope you like it

hey thanx alot i really like it. i wish it would of said team decepticons at the top. and a cooler text for my name but the art itself is soo bomb. how did you do that effect with his hands.

draig wat can i say… thx alot!! i like it alot :smiley:

DragonGod - oops… sorry… i can change text and stuff if you want, glad you like it (i just used airbrush forn the effects… the blurred it a bit).

Twitch - no prob, glad you like!

Anyone else want an av?