DRAGON SLAY Universal Arcade Fight Stick Controller - Compatible with PS4, XOne, PC & Android








✔ Japanese SANWA DENSHI joystick, Vewlix style 8 button layout ideal for all fighting games such as Tekken & Street Fighter
✔ L3, R3 for added game play options, TURBO mode for all 8 action buttons
✔ CUSTOMIZABLE template, storage compartment for cables, hex screwdriver
✔ 3M CABLE for easy connection to console, USB cable to connect with PS4 / Xbox One controller
✔ KEY LOCK SWITCH to enable only action buttons function, directional input toggle switch between Dpad, left or right analog stick

(sorry for my bad English)
This stick pop up a few days ago in amazon, I didn’t found in the USA store, so maybe is an exclusive european stick.
The buttons are sanwa and the case is looking good, but all the rest is a mistery, a dual pcb sound good but maybe can be like the mayflash stick, needing other controller for detecting.
I didn’t found an official store/page, the price is 179,99 €, 149,99 pounds.

So, what do you think?

It looks slick at the very least.

i think it requires ds4/xbone controller passthrough, like that mayflash stick, witch kinda sucks. I like the case though.

Looks like a fancy Mayflash with that USB pass through for the PS4 and XBox One controller.

For the same price you can build one with the parts from focus attack.

Ah if that’s the case about having to have a controller for pass through like the Mayflash, then that’s horrible. Especially for that $200 USD price.

Unboxing Time!


It’s confirmed you need another controller, plug in, for play it

An interesting addition is the possibility to easy customize the template, button are easy customizable too but the jostick apparently it’s glued, I look for more unboxing to see the quality of the product, at least is an interesting choice for pcb modding in EU.

@ £140, do not buy that, would only pay 1/3 of that for the case and parts… Padhacks and third party are way better options if you’re willing to do the work. I’m sure you can buy second hand or an upgraded last gen stickcan be had for the same or lowrt price at your location.

For a new full sanwa stick with that case is an ok Price, the problem is the dependence of one pad connection, for 45-55 dolars more you can have the basic brook pcb upgrade (If you don’t want pad dependance, I don’t know the input latency yet) , padhacking an old gen stick is cheaper, sure, but not always people have that choice.

Too bad about the syncing thing, because the design is awesome imo. Is it because it uses the universal brook pcb ?

edit : nope. Too bad because at that price range it’s something you could expect. Even my Venom works instantly.

Naw people always have a choice. Padhack it yourself, learn to Padhack or pay someone to padhack, or use a brook pcb or adapter. All options would be a better performing and cheaper option than a stick that requires another controller to sync and untested input Latency, they offer no advantage to ask for That much and expect to sell a lot of sticks. That mfg should of made a deal with brooks like everyone else then it could an option you can recommend to someone.

Sticks that require controllers plugged in are utterly pointless.

I am trying to figure out how i can create my own artwork template out of the optional spare art that came with this…i no idea where to startHelp on this appreciated! i will share the template when i am done…

Now my view…
it really is a shame it needs a controller… because other then that it’s great!
It has a colour coded sticker on the inside to help you remember the buttons wire colours when you change them.
The case is really quite rugged and it has a metal powder coated bottom, this adds weight in a good way making it feel sturdy similar in weight to a Hori rap V.
The cable compartment is better then the Hori rap V to be honest (the cable storage door doesn’t fall off).
No artwork templates online yet hamper customization for me, also finding a manufacture website or contact to ask for one is proving difficult.
i swapped out the spring for a 2lb, but that is my preference.


for PC/steam gaming (no controller needed…great stick).

2/5 for consoles…(let down only by controller hanging out the stick in a unsightly fashion).

I didn’t think i would give a fight-stick that needs a controller this score! i am really tempted to put a brook universal game board in this thing since i like the case so much and bin off the controller option…good shape, good weight, good customization and good price (in UK where import, eBay and amazon are our only other options).

It also fits in the Madcatz travel backpack.

@Baje What about https://www.arcadeworlduk.com/ or whatever it’s called? Don’t they sell sticks too or only parts?

@Baje What about https://www.arcadeworlduk.com/ or whatever it’s called? Don’t they sell sticks too or only parts?

i get all my parts from there to be honest but unfortunatly they only stock qanba q4’s when it comes to fightsticks, we need a good hori/madcatz importer.

so this stick seems to be called the gamesir C2 in america, i have messaged gamesir to find out if they will release a art template.

Question about this stick, is it compatible with older gen systems, that is xbox 360 and ps3?