Dragon Joystick, anyone?


So I order a handle from Dragon Joystick on Jan 18th (1 handle/silver)…e-mails copied/pasted directly:

paypal.com to Stamper - Jan 18

Dear Will Stamper,
This email confirms that you have paid joebiank@hotmail.com $26.00 USD using PayPal.

Stamper to joebiank - Jan 28

Ordered one of your sticks 10 days ago, wondering what the status is on that? Hasn’t arrived yet, and I haven’t received any sort of confirmation, so I was just curious.


joe biank to Stamper - Jan 28

Hey sorry man i just checked and thought the went out. im sending them this week. ill be sure and send an extra shinny one!

Stamper to joe - Jan 29

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Stamper to joe - Feb 13

Getting pretty tired of this stock Happ stick… :frowning:

Stamper to joe - Mar 1

Any luck on that order?

It’s just a handle, and you live a state away, dude…

Seriously, homeboy lives in Jersey and I’m in PA - put the shit in an envelope and send it. Has anyone ever ordered and actually received one of these? I’d assume I was conned if the handle wasn’t reviewed and mentioned on other sites…and I’d forget about it, but I kinda want my God damn handle. Maybe he thinks I did get it and I’m trying to con him into another one…BUT HEY:


I still have painter tape holding the bottom panel on to save my screwholes so I can go in and upgrade the stick assembly before I seal it up. HINT, JOE.

Anyway…maybe I’m off base here, although I’d like to think I’ve been pretty patient. Maybe the dude died and I missed the memo, and I sound like a total prick right now. Maybe this post is far too long for a 26 dollar matter. Fuck it though…it’s principle at this point.

…on a side note, does anyone know of a similar stick I can buy instead when I decide to cut my losses and trash this dude’s rep? I’d cop a SlikStik but they seem to be down and out…

(Or maybe I should stop being a pretentious dick and just deal with the stock Happ Com. handle.) :rofl:

that sucks. hella sketchy ass place -______-

perhaps it is extra invisible as well :’(

Is that Dust?


Retroblast did a review of those handles in 2006


If you ever get the handle be sure to post a pic when it’s installed

Yeah, that’s what I meant by “I’d assume I was conned if the handle wasn’t reviewed and mentioned on other sites…” - the guy got back to me, this time it’s “PayPal problems” and a re-confirmation of my address. I sent him another copy of the PayPal receipt that shows what I bought, when I bought it, how much it cost, and my shipping address.

This is a trip…


Looks like it’s a decent handle… sucks you’re having such a shitty time with the whole process.

I have seen flack about this guy on other forums. You are not alone.

The handles are horrible and refract much more than the standard handles. Put them in a P360 or look at Retroblast’s video of P360 movement to see why they suck.

In That vid they use slikstik handles, these are made of stainless steel so they are alot heavier then the dragon ones that are made of aluminium

Nah, these should be considerably lighter and smaller than even the stock Happ handles, that’s the point. Still…that’s a pretty informative video, I didn’t even consider the bounceback on SlikStik handles, those shits look Heavy D. Good knowledge, thanks bro…

Of course I say the DJ’s SHOULD be lighter, I wouldn’t know because I still haven’t received it…it’s March 12th and homeboy’s still yanking my dick around. Guess I’ll get ahold of PayPal for a refund soon…athough I feel like the bullshit I’d have to go through isn’t even worth it. Maybe that’s his angle…

Since he is ‘close’ take a road trip and pay the dude a visit.