Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World for PS2

Because there just aren’t enough Dragonball Z fighting games in this world.


they’re milking the hell out of this franchise…

damn another budokai:mad:. i want my super dbz 2

lol…:rofl: budokai 3.5.:rofl:

i was hoping for a new tenkaichi :sad:

Hell yeah!!!

but instead we get budokai 3 with minigames

Why can’t they make another DBZ RPG or something? We have to many lower than average DBZ fighting games…

I think we’ve gone way beyond that. It’s more of a Pimp/Ho relationship. NamcoBandai tells Dragon Ball to get on that corner and get my money, BITCH!!! And then it brings back a couple of million and NamcoBandai doesn’t go Wayne Brady on Dragon Ball.

I do too. But seeing as it didn’t sell to well because of the control scheme, this may never happen. But I still have hope.

If this is anything remotely like B3, then I’m all with it.

Well at least Dragon Ball Origins (Dragon Ball DS in Japan) looks very awesome, Phantom Hourglass-ism.

Back to the topic, its seems that this game is much more “Single Player/Story mode” based than before, so i dont know if this is gonna be really a “fighter” (at least the Scan says that the most important thing is the Story Mode).

Who bought Burst Limit? After the game came out the BL thread(both of them) died out. It was THAT bad?

Screens galore.

I believe it was due to the learning curve, not so much the control scheme seeing as how nothing was wrong with it.

But yes, I want a Super DBZ 2, damnitt.

looks like i’ll have some fun taken on some people in this

Heh…I asked people about this game in the dbz thread and I was sure at some point some info would get dug up. Nice screens! looks very very interesting…So I guess Infinite World is apparently going to be ‘final budokai’

Yes it looks worse ooooh~

But yeah, I gotta stop getting excited for DBZ games, I always get burned.

Except SDBZ, that was good times.

Normally I wouldn’t use a combo vid to give an idea of the gameplay but in all honesty-
From that vid alone u can tell it plays like Tenkaichi with re-used ‘animations’ for each character.

Didn’t play it so I can’t really comment on the game play, but I went on the site that was dedicated to playing it competitively.

Basically it suffered the same fate of all anime games that are played competitively.

Which means that the majority of the community are fickle and just play the way they’re told and can’t really break the game apart like the 2-3 people who did the original.

So when a new game comes out that isn’t the same thing as the last one and the 2-3 guys who told them how to play the first one are no where to be found, everyone just straight bashes and condemns the game because it plays differently than the one before and dudes don’t know what to do.

So yeah, game got dropped by all but the most hardcore of fanboys due to lack of leadership in the community. Not really because it was bad necessarily but because it wasn’t budokai 3.

Why didn’t they just go for Burst Limit 2? I’m not liking the fact that it’s PS2 either

ANOTHER dbz game? lmmfao and its the same old 2.5D roflmmfaopmplmmfaodomfl

NEW FEATURE: now you can press dodge to cancel your opponents attack AND theres 150 characters in 2.5D!!!

no its completely different, me and my friends played T3 to death theyre completely different games (burst limit being illusively crapper)

You and me both, brother.

What the hell is Craft & Meister doing with themselves now-a-days, any way, I wonder…?