Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is sequel to the most innovative fighting game to date

It’s improving lots of things!!


It’s also adding things people requested, like flight in the hub world (which is bigger than before), SSJ3, more customization options and more.

they really should add Bojack’s gang and Android 13’s team (and should add brand new antagonists exclusive to Xenoverse 2) It’s messed up they aren’t adding more races, the Hera race would be so awesome, but the new customization improves the current races. Also they are rebalancing things too. And this is next gen, so the framerate will be more solid and smooth 60 fps (though you know, Xenoverse 1 felt 60 fps to me, sort of. was it 60 fps on PS4? if it was 30 fps, then that means it’ll flow even more awesomely with Xenoverse 2.)

the hub city is 7 times larger than the original (that is sooooo great!! glad they are making it a little more like Dragon Ball Online, a lot of fans enjoy the social space and continue to use the Xenoverse 1 hub) though they should allow a chat channel that has free text chat. PSO has free text chat, so should Xenoverse 2. the default could be the family friendly preset words chat, but there could be an alternate channel for free chat. though even without that, Xenoverse 1 proved that a lot of players still enjoy teaming together, doing PVP, emotes, and enjoying the community shared world.

Xenoverse is successful mainstream fighting game, innovating how the game modes/features and community are connected, with the Phantasy Star Online inspired hub format much more immersive and awesome than just menu navigation. plus the character creation combined with making the player the lead protagonist, links the player to the world and story in much greater ways without needing to be an RPG. also it’s so cool shopping and seeing people here and there and checking out their personalized appearance and style. Xenoverse brings fighting game worlds and social experiences more to life, with more creativity as well.

Also people that complain about RNG really don’t realize RNG loot has helped a lot of legendary games have more replay value and element of surprise, as well as making more use of the content, instead of automatically sucking the loot from a quest the first time and then people have little to no incentive to keep doing that quest. so the RNG loot drop format is successful in games, and one of the reasons why ancient games like Diablo II, Castlevania HD, mmorpgs, and other games are played generations longer than games that don’t have those things. (also overwatch has RNG loot, like it or hate it, it does fuel players with more incentives to keep playing and help new players beat the content).

Game was horrible all dbz games are…

Xenoverse freakin owned unlike you ya god damn freaking scrub!!!

Not sure why people comment on stuff their not interested in, as no one really cares.

Also TheGoku Black Character as a pre order bonus is pretty nice meaning that SSJG should be a new form in the game hopefully.

another trailer shows a lot more stuff!! and there could lots more reveals!!



Really wish they could make a real DBZ fighting game for consoles/PC and stop with these crappy Budokai Tenkaichi games.

it is a real DBZ fighting game. it has the authentic free flying DBZ combat fans want. and Xenoverse sold millions more than the traditional arcade fighting game mold.

2D and street fighter/DOA clone gameplay is obsolete and not fitting for DBZ. DBZ is too over the top to be mostly grounded and restricted combat.

Xenoverse is the most revolutionary step forward for the series and even the first to have solid 3 players cooperative missions with a entirely better battle system and customization than Battle of Z. with the greatest player creation customization in the series and immersive lobby system.

and Xenoverse 2 is balancing and improving things further.

you’re making pretty big assumptions here.

well at least some will agree Xenoverse 2 is a step up

6 players co op vs giant is awesome, maybe they can expand it with 6 players co op wars against 6 cpu warriors. and a 6 players co-op survival mode against everyone in the roster, in waves.

“some would agree”

It’s a total step up to an already great game, if you don’t wanna get xenoverse 2 then fuck right off!!!

over a year later, and Xenoverse 1 activity has outlasted most fighting games and most online games in general. Xenoverse is the ultimate formula in the medium for the Dragon Ball franchise. ^.^ still lots of people psn party chatting, shopping, matching, questing, checking out each super warrior’s customized self, breathing in the atmosphere, and more!!


Conton city is going to be even more active!!

TBH I prefer Tenkaichi 3 as a fighter more but the lack of speed sometimes made me lose a lack of immersion, whilst the Budokai Tenkaichi series was definately a lot more fun but lost a lot in terms of mechanics of a true fighter. Xenoverse just never clicked with me although i can see how they tried, but lets hope 2 does better.

No Android race.

Get out my face.

Just like a week an it’s already a colossal success!!

higher scores and more positive reviews than tenkaichi 3

Xenoverse is getting greater and greater!! the greatest series of the entire franchise!! and most forward thinking fighting game!!

Xenoverse 2 is definitely a huge improvement on xenoverse 1. That being said it is not really a fighting game its more of a The Sims DBZ edition much like the tenkaichis, raging blasts etc etc. The only real DBZ fighters are Super DBZ, Budokai games(B3,IW,SB) and Hyper DBZ