DragoBorne, a new TCG. Anyone else gonna get this or know much about it?


I haven’t played a single TCG game since Magic back in 2005. I’m not a fan of anime TCG games and Magic wise I feel too much time has gone by. This seems right up my ally with my love for Dark Souls and it’s new so I guess I may try this. I heard Mike Elliot from Magic worked on this as well.


That actually a shame you haven’t touched a TCG since 2005.
That sorta lost you some points there in “the sales pitch”.

Now that said said, the way Magic is now, other than a quick refresher and caught up on the very few rule changes, there no bad time to get back into magic.

Oh, my bad. I was working for a comic book store till 2005 so my dealer basically went away when I left… Now that I have a career, I feel like I wanna go back to something that I loved. I feel you though. Magic wise I can check that back out as well.