Dr. Doom's Silly Little Missile Glitch (Warning: May Cause Game Freeze)

It’s official! We beat the game.

When my buddy Wakkatana and I were messing around in training mode trying to get hidden missiles to combo into itself, we found something a little weird.

It would seem that Doom’s Hidden Missiles (:b::h:) has a bit of an oversight built in.

Fire one missile, and then just before the missile launcher disappears again fire a second missile. If you’ve done it right, the missile launcher will appear to launch a second missile from its first chamber. The one that SHOULD be empty. Basically what’s happening at this point is that the original missile launcher is NOT disappearing but a second one is ALSO spawned. For some reason, as long as the window to mash out extra missiles is active the missile launcher doesn’t disappear and the window seems to reset upon summoning a new one. Little did they realize that there’s a bit of overlap between when you can summon another launcher and when you can keep the previous one on screen. You can repeat this for any number of repetitions desired, and when you reach a desired number you can mash out the rest of the missiles and ALL OF THE PREVIOUSLY SUMMONED LAUNCHERS WILL SEND OUT THEIR REMAINING PAYLOAD.

This results in WAY too many missiles going out at one time. Cool stuff, right?

Be careful though; at 13 launchers, once you start mashing out the remaining missiles the game freezes on PS3. Haven’t tested it on a 360 yet, but I imagine something similar will happen.

Video coming soon.

Useful? Not really.

Ridiculous? Definitely.

Wow this sounds fucking awesome. I’ll have to try that out in a bit.

Can’t wait to see this on video, there may POSSIBLY be some applications for this competitively…

I have confirmed that this works. The missiles fire simultaneously so once you’ve charged it up they release at normal speed. The damage does not seem particularly breathtaking for the amount of time it takes to charge however so I don’t know how you’d use this.

at the very least you can get 3 launchers spawned after killing a character

edit: havnt frozen the xbox version yet. got around 13-15 i think

edit: i posted this, with credit to glide and wakkatana, on my yt page in case anyone wants to see what it looks like and not risk freezing their machine.


I froze my Xbox, was worried it might be bricked, lol. Nice find on this. I’m going to try and use it online. I think the best assist to do it with is probably Sentinel drones.

The highest I got without freezing was 102 hits I think. After that I did it for like 20 reps and the moment I let out the flurry it just froze.

im trying to freeze the xbox. i got 14 off without a problem.

hmmm it doesn’t freeze on mine and I’ve hit 160+ hits… Here’s something fun, get to around 20, launch them and xfactor asap, the chip dmg is around 1 000 000

I’m confused. So you hit back+H, and while the first missle launches, you mash back+H and for every H pressed there will be a missle?

Fire a singular missile with b.h and just before the moment where the launcher sinks back into the ground launch another missile, repeating as many times as you like. If timed correctly each missile will launch from the first hole and every missile fired in this manner will add an extra salvo to the final burst. When ready for the final release hold back and mash like normal.

You’ll know you’re doing it right if the animation is continuous and smooth. If it stutters, you messed up.

The magic number for freezing an xbox is 21. You can do 20 with a little bit of framerate drop but no real problems other than it takes 25 seconds. Also, 18 salvos builds 3 super bars exactly.


lol, my xbox froze at around 8.

How is this useful when you can just dodge the slow one missile at a time and interrupt Doom? I mean a glitch is a glitch but I don’t think this one can really be used.

edit: Though I’m hoping (at work so can’t test atm) that at least with x-factor the recovery time and animation speed-up might allow you to keep someone on lockdown then you just mash out and let the salvos fly before x-factor runs out.

No one said it was useful. You can call assists while you’re doing it though.

Yeah, the big important thing is that Hidden Missiles is a Command Normal and not a Special, so you can call assists during it at any point in time.

In addition, while 18 missile launchers is excessive and impractical, 2 or 3 missile launchers can be done behind a single Drones assist for free extra damage. It’s all about scale.

Maybe the maximum before freeze has to do with what stage you are on. Training stage would probably give the highest since there is the least shit moving in the background. Also the opponent’s actions while the barrage of missiles is out could possibly affect the chances of a freeze. For example, what if the opponent did a THC when you started to mash to the barrage?

I actually hope they dont pull this, I found it just messing around with the ryhtm of the missles this moring. Trying to make a bit of a gap to setup shenaingans. If anything they should just put a cap on it like 2-5 sets or something not that you could land more than 2-3(4 but i think that a stretch).

I tried this already in training it ended up being like a 93 hit combo lmao

Someone try it with lv 3 XFactor to see how it changes the gap between missiles.