DPDT switch reversed dual mod (An issue?)

I’ve wired up a 360 Madcatz and a Cthulhu board to a DPDT switch successfully and both of the PCBs work but I seem to wonder about this reverse switch I get when I plug it into the system. The way I wired up my DPDT switch was:

1 2 3
4 5 6

a. 1 and 4 is the Madcatz D+(Position 1) and D- wire(Position 4)
b. 2 and 5 is the USB Wire D+(Position 2) and D- wire(Position 5)
c. 3 and 6 is the Cthulhu Board D+(Position 3) and D- wire(Position 6)

Now the question is that when I switch it to the Left side (L) it activates the Cthulhu board, and when it’s switch to the Right side ® it activates the 360 controller. Should I be concerned about this reverse switch since that the 360 pcb is wired to the left side and the Cthulhu board is wired to the right side ? I just hope it doesn’t affect the PCBs.

Imagine you have a clear pelxi stick top or Xray vision.
You move the stick on your arcade stick down.
Why is the micrswitch that gets clicked is the microswitch on the top and not the bottom?
It’s like that.

Oh, to think I was going insane because the DPDT switches were going bad. Thank You.

Kinda looks like this inside


ben, you ever get that trigger hack done?

Not yet. I currently have a Namco stick that only incorporates 6 buttons on the case.

It’s really only an issue if you went and labeled the switch before you figured out which direction corresponds to which PCB. :razzy:

If you don’t want to have to label it in reverse, you can always get DPDT slide switches instead.